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Introducing the new MaxEmerge™ 5e row-unit

The MaxEmerge 5e is designed to improve population accuracy, spacing, and avoid wasting inputs for maximizing yield. The 'e' in MaxEmerge 5e stands for electric drive. It is driven by one electric motor per meter with a small controller. This does away with the shafts and drivelines of a typical mechanical drive. That means more reliability, less maintenance, and easier access to row-unit components.
John Deere Planter
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Cross Implement & Delavan FFA

Here's Some Photos From the Delavan FFA Plot Day.
Cross Implement Inc
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John Deere Farmsight Services Soil Scan

We now offer Nitrogen & Soil Ph testing. This is a Complimentary Service for all the Cooperators that participated in the migration to MyJohnDeere. Contact Matt or Your Salesperson for this Service.
John Deere Farmsight
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Five-year limited gearbox warranty provided on every John Deere rotary cutter

John Deere is so confident in the reliability of the gearbox, the warranty has been extended. John Deere rotary cutters come with a 5-year limited gearbox warranty.
John Deere Mower
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John Deere Riding Mowers | New air-ride seat for X700 Signature Series Tractors

This seat has a full pneumatic suspension that is easy for operators to adjust to suit their individual needs. Wide, shaped ergonomic cushions are comfortable and reduce back strain.
John Deere Lawn & Garden
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