John Deere Riding Mowers | New air-ride seat for X700 Signature Series Tractors
John Deere Lawn & Garden

Optional air-ride suspension seat


This seat has a full pneumatic suspension that is easy for operators to adjust to suit their individual needs. Wide, shaped ergonomic cushions are comfortable and reduce back strain.
Features include:

  • Simple switch on the front of the seat makes adjustment easy
  • Back-angle adjustment
  • Three-position lumbar adjustment
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • 7-in. (18-cm) fore-aft adjustment

Key benefits of the seat:

  • Provides maximum ride comfort and quality, minimizing operator fatigue
  • Dampens lower frequency vibration better than mechanical suspensions

NOTE: The air-ride seat is compatible with all X700 Signature Series Tractors, model year 2013 and later (SN 010,001-). 


Air-ride seat price can be viewed on JDPoint.

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