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Introducing the new MaxEmerge™ 5e row-unit
John Deere Planter

The MaxEmerge 5e is designed to improve population accuracy, spacing, and avoid wasting inputs for maximizing yield. The ‘e’ in MaxEmerge 5e stands for electric drive. It is driven by one electric motor per meter with a small controller. This does away with the shafts and drivelines of a typical mechanical drive. That means more reliability, less maintenance, and easier access to row-unit components.


For producers who want uniform seed spacing, the MaxEmerge 5e is a great option. One of the biggest advantages of the MaxEmerge 5e is how it improves population accuracy by compensating for curves on the outer rows of the planter. The MaxEmerge 5e row-unit eliminates shafts and drivelines from the planter, allowing better access to row-unit components and decreased planter maintenance. Additionally, the MaxEmerge 5e allows corn and soybean growers to achieve up to a 20 percent improvement in population accuracy on the outer rows of a 24-row planter while planting on curves utilizing curve compensation.

While the MaxEmerge 5e uses a seed tube, it offers some of the same important advantages as ExactEmerge row-units. The MaxEmerge 5e also improves reaction to population changes in the field when conditions dictate a higher or lower population, enabling producers to more accurately plant to the variable-rate prescription that maximizes profit potential. High-performance vacuum automation automatically maintains target vacuum setting throughout the day – with less time monitoring and making adjustments. It uses SeedStar™ 3 HP system and is compatible with SeedStar Mobile monitoring – for near real-time, row-by-row planting performance.

The MaxEmerge 5e offers plenty of options. Easy-adjust row cleaners, individual-row hydraulic downforce, pneumatic closing wheels, fertilizer attachments (frame dependent) are all available options, while active pneumatic downforce is standard equipment. The MaxEmerge 5e delivery system options include mini hoppers with Central Commodity System (CCS™) , 1.6-bu.hoppers and 3-bu. hoppers.



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