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John Deere Planter Model Year 2025 Updates

John Deere Planter

John Deere ExactShot™ Liquid Fertilizer Dosing System


Save on in-furrow fertilizer cost with ExactShot liquid fertilizer dosing system.
High input costs reduce the profitability of any operation. ExactShot can save growers up to 66 percent of the cost of in-furrow applied nutrients, improving their use and efficiency while protecting yield loss along the way. It does this by dosing the product on top of the seed, in the furrow, eliminating the application of product between seeds.
Using less product also results in fewer stops to refill your tanks, improving the overall efficiency of your planting operation.

  • Reduce in-furrow fertilizer use up to 66 percent*
  • Increase time between starter liquid fertilizer refills in the field
  • Maximize nutrient use efficiency by placing product only on the seed
  • Enable the potential to add higher-cost or additional applications

*NOTE: Based on internal tests of a prototype ExactShot system performed across 21 farms in six Midwestern states applying a 5.1-cm (2-in) dose on seeds with 15.2-cm (6-in.) in-row seed spacing.


How does it work?
When paired with John Deere’s ExactEmerge™ BrushBelt™ technology, the system tracks each seed with infinite accuracy from meter to seed trench, synchronizing each dose with the exact timing of the seed drop. Placing the solenoid directly above the nozzle tip, below the row-unit, adds an additional level of accuracy with each dose not found in similar products.


Two modes of operation
The overall benefits of ExactShot may vary with different products, crop types, soils, etc. In these scenarios, the system can be switched to a more traditional continuous stream of product directly from the display. This gives operators the flexibility to quickly change their application method without the need to change hardware on the planter.


Agronomic benefits and savings
Multiple field studies* have shown yields were maintained when the same effective application rate of in-furrow starter fertilizer was dosed directly onto the seed compared to the traditional continuous stream. In some highly responsive instances, as the local rate was increased, yield also increased without adding cost to the application.
By reducing rates, customers can increase their overall profit margins, receiving a higher return on investment with 18.7- L/ha (2-gpa) dosing on-seed compared to 56.1-L/ha (6-gpa) continuous stream. View the ExactShot calculator to see how reduced rates can impact operations.
Reducing the amount of fertilizer used also reduces the risk of nutrients leaching into nearby rivers, lakes, and ponds.
Additionally, because ExactShot significantly reduces how much product is needed, growers can use beneficial products in-furrow during planting like biologicals, fungicides, and liquid insecticides that may otherwise be too costly to apply.
*NOTE: Internal tests of a prototype ExactShot system performed across 21 farms in six Midwestern states.
Selectable dosing lengths: 2.5-cm, 5.1-cm, and 7.6-cm (1-in., 2-in., and 3-in.) band – default is 5.1-cm (2-in) band Supports a maximum seed rate of 35 seeds/second
ExactShot dosing mode is only approved when the seeding rate is at or under 116,000 seeds/ha (47,000 seeds/acre) on 76.2-cm (30-in) row spacing.

In Dosing Mode:

  • Travel speed: Minimum = 1.6 km/h (1 mph), maximum = 16.1 km/h (10 mph)
  • Accuracy: 90 percent successful seed dosing with default settings
  • Singulation: Minimum = 95 percent, maximum = 100 percent  Ride quality: Minimum = 80 percent, maximum = 100 percent
  • Ground contact: Minimum = 95 percent, maximum = 100 percent


In Continuous Mode:

  • Travel speed: Minimum = 4.8 km/h (3 mph), maximum = 20.9 km/h (13 mph)
  • Pump capacity: Minimum = 5.61 L/h (0.6 gpm), maximum = 220 L/h (23.6 gpm)

 ExactShot is also available through Precision Upgrades. View compatible models and additional information here.

  • SeedStar™ 5
  • Only compatible with G5 displays; available through Precision Upgrades Build and Price or ISG Build and Price
  • Tractor Ethernet is required; available through Precision Upgrades Build and Price


SeedStar 5 is the latest monitoring software for John Deere planters available for model year 2025. This system is paired with G5 displays and Implement Ethernet to provide high-definition documentation, faster data speeds, and more information in the cab.


John Deere SeedStar 5 New Planter Monitor Technology


  • Faster data speeds
  • High definition (5-Hz data) documentation
  • Enables new technology like ExactShot and FurrowVision
  • Building block for future planter automation

Additional details

  • Requires a G5 display and Implement Ethernet


New John Deere G5 Display

The G5 display is your path to the future of Precision Ag. Experience the benefits of a larger, faster, and clearer display, while unlocking the future of planting. G5 displays, paired with Implement Ethernet are required to run model year 2025 planters and newer. They also unlock the ability to use new technologies like ExactShot™ and FurrowVision™.

  • See more with larger screens, making in-field adjustments easier on-the-go
  • Get running faster with quicker boot times
  • Catch every detail on our most advanced displays, with visual clarity in any conditions
  • Smooth transition from Gen 4 to G5 with a similar easy-to-use operator experience across large ag equipment
  • Unlock the future of sense and act technologies and autonomous capabilities


John Deere Planter Frame Weight Distribution In Cab Adjustment

As planters get larger and more customizable, there is more weight being carried by the center mainframe. This presents the possibility that weight may not be distributed evenly along the width of the planter frame during planting in certain circumstances. Some studies have shown there could be a potential yield loss of 70.5 L (2 bu) per acre in certain soil conditions from unequal weight distribution with more weight being on the center of the planter. The option has been added to have hydraulic cylinders mounted onto the frame of the planter that redistribute weight from the center of the planter to the rest of the tool bar. For model year 2025, frame weight distribution has been added to the following models: 1775NT 12R30, 1775NT 16R30, and DB44 24R22.

The system utilizes the tractor’s power beyond feature with load sense. Frame weight distribution is activated by the height switch, providing equal weight distribution at all times. In the scenario where a planter is equipped with frame weight distribution and onboard power generation for electric drives, there will be an orifice that directs hydraulic flow to fulfill the power generation requirement first and then provide oil to frame weight distribution.
Frame weight distribution is manually adjusted from a valve block below the CCS tank. The system does not have active adjustment capabilities. When the planter is raised on headland turns, the system maintains pressure to the outside wings for a period of time to keep the system engaged to make the turn and reduce center frame tire weight on headlands.
Unlike the three-section frame models, the DB90 54Row20 has five-section frame weight distribution. This means the inner wings and outer wings are adjusted independently. Five-section frame weight distribution is still manually adjusted from two separate valve blocks under the CCS tank; one controls the inner wing down pressure and the other controls the outer wing down pressure.
Available on the following models: all 1775NTs, 1795 24R20, 1795 31R15, 1795 32R15, DB44 24R22, all DB60s, DB66 36Row22, and DB90 54Row20.

Gen 2 Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce IRDH

  • More serviceable
  • Chargeable
  • Improves reliability of the actuator
  • Reduces wear on parallel arms
  • Tech stack enables upforce in the future 

John Deere Planter Auxilary Tank

The auxiliary tank enables use of high value micronutrients, biologicals, fungicides, and insecticides. Available on the following models:

  • 1775NT (all)
  • 1795 (all)
  • DB models - DB44 24R22, DB60 24R30, DB60 47R15, DB60 48R15, DB60 36R20, DB66 36R22, DB80 32R30, DB90 36R30


John Deere Planter Implement Ethernet

Implement Ethernet enables high bandwidth communication between the tractor and implement. With an increase to 1 Gb/s of controller area network (CAN) speed (previously 250 kb/s), tractors and planters can now communicate high-definition data faster, resulting in better decision-making for customers and dealers. Model year 2025 and newer planters include implement Ethernet and SeedStar 5. A tractor equipped with implement Ethernet and a G5 display is required to run the planter. Planters meeting these requirements can also run ExactShot and FurrowVision™.

  • High-definition data in the cab and in operations center
  • Enables ExactShot, FurrowVision, and in-cab adjustment for frame weight distribution
  • Unlocks future automation
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