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John Deere EVT Transmission

John Deere Tractor

John Deere EVT Transmission

For the largest models of 8 Series Tractors, John Deere is offering a new stepless Electric Variable Transmission (EVT) that enables precise speed control and enhanced drivability. 

For customers who prefer stepless transmissions for infinite speed control and ease of drivability, the new EVT will be available for all 410-horsepower 8 Series Tractors including 8R, 8RT and 8RX models.

"An EVT has electric motors in place of the hydrostatic motors that improve transmission performance, reliability, and increased efficiency," said Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere. "The EVT brings everything customers appreciate from an Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), into higher horsepower 8 Series Tractors. Inherently, the electrical components of an EVT are extremely reliable, offer tremendous longevity, and provide better overall tractor control, along with a system built for easy serviceability and diagnostics. In addition, customers will notice an EVT operates more quietly than an IVT."

As farmers look to the future, the EVT will likely be the transmission of choice for customers going forward according to Jardon. "In the future, EVT-equipped 8 Series Tractors, will optionally feature electric power generation capable of offboarding electricity to power implements," Jardon said. "This EVT is the industry's only transmission that enables electric power generation (up to 100kW). By using this electricity farmers could power implement fan drives, take the place of implement hydraulic pumps, or assist the tractor by powering the implement's axles. This is similar, to proven-technology John Deere currently uses, on construction equipment."

Agricultural implements with powered axles are already successfully used in Europe to help push the tractor from behind while working in the field. "EVT technology offboards electricity from the tractor to provide added power to the implement and can reduce wheel slip, improve up-hill performance, and enables the tractor to pull wide implements without the need for extra ballast or a larger tractor," Jardon said.

EVT Key Benefits
Everything you love about the IVT ...
• Precise infinite speed control from 0.05 to 50 km/h (0.03 to 31 mph)
• Improved acceleration between desired ground speeds compared to gearshift transmissions
• Efficient power transfer from the engine to the drawbar results in low fluid consumption while maintaining excellent pulling performance
And more
• Available in the 8 Series 410 hp models, an additional 40 hp stepless transmission option
• Use of electric drive components results in a noticeable reduction in drivetrain noise experienced by the operator
• Enhanced reliability with the utilization of proven electric components
• 55 percent reduction in diagnostics requiring tools or a technician for simple in -field troubleshooting

Theory of Operation
EVT is equipped with two motor generators instead of traditional hydro modules, these motor generators can be used in two ways: generate and drive
• One motor generator is driven by the engine via the input shaft and produces power
• MG1 spins at a constant speed based on engine RPM
• The other motor generator utilizes this power to drive the planetary gear at varying speeds as the transmission operates within five ranges
• MG2 spins at varying speeds based oncommanded speed
• EVT does not require additional components like batteries or outside power sources
• EVT does not require batteries and can’t be compared to hybrid technology in the automobile industry

EVT is for customers who desire:
• IVT functionality but needs the power of a 410
• Fast acceleration and precise speed control for high-speed planting and grain cart
• Better overall drivability with quick and seamless transition of speeds in transport
• Enhanced reliability utilizing proven electric components
EVT allows you to target the customers in your AOR who fit this profile or have operated
competitive high horsepower CVTs

• The stepless transmission of the future, providing the benefits of the IVT and more
• EVT utilizes electric power, mechanical power and a combination of both to drive
transmission components seamlessly
• Delivering precise and efficient power to the ground
• Replacing hydrostatic power with electric power unlocks many benefits
• Advanced monitoring and control of the load through each drivetrain component
• Reduced wear parts
• Simplified design
• Improved diagnostics
• Increased reliability


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