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John Deere Tillage Sweeps

There are many factors that affect yield, some that are in your control and some that are not. Did you know that tillage practices play a crucial role in maximizing yield? Having a well-prepared seedbed paves the way for the planter to perform at it’s best. John Deere tillage tools can help size and spread-out residue, setting the stage for a successful planting season. Make sure your tillage tool is ready for the season with new wear parts. Which parts are right for your application?

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Which Tillage Sweep is Right for Your Application?

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John Deere Perma-Loc Adapters and Springs

Heavy-duty cast adapter with stainless steel locking spring ensures a tight fit and easy installation. Optional removal tool available for quick change of the sweep.

FREE John Deere Quick-Change Adapters With Perma-Loc™ or John Deere Tru-Width™ Sweeps
Lock sweeps in place with Quick-Change Adapters from John Deere. Featuring heavy-duty cast adapter and stainless steel locking spring, you can install sweeps rapidly and easily with no tools required.

And right now adapters/springs are FREE with the purchase of Perma-Loc™ High Productivity sweeps (designed to uphold curved wing shape and width at higher speeds) or Tru-Width™ sweeps (designed to retain full cutting width and point for excellent chemical incorporation and seedbed leveling).

Contact the Parts Department for this Program/Limited Availability. Expires March 2022

  Conventional Tru-Width High Productivity
Longest Wear Good Better Best
Shape Retention
Better Best
Lower Draft Good Better Best
Reduce Ridging Good Better Best
Sticky Wet Soil Good Best Better
Shallow Depth<2" Best Best Better
High Speed 7-10mph     Best

John Deere High Productivity Sweeps

Our High Productivity Sweeps attack weeds and soil compaction. Their low profile, curved design allows for longer wear life and shape retention. HP Sweeps perform at higher speeds creating less draft and soil disturbance. Available as bolt-on or quick-change.

These sweeps deliver the ultimate in performance, productivity, wear life, and shape retention. Available in bolt-on and Perma-Loc versions and four wing widths.

• Designed for top performance at 7–10 mph

• Low wing profile creates less draft, leaves a level finish

• Sharp edge effortlessly cuts through residue

John Deere Tru-Width Sweeps

Available in both bolt-on and Perma-Loc™ styles, the Tru-Width sweeps help maintain cutting width throughout the life of the sweep. The wings are clipped for minimum soil side throw. With its wraparound design, Tru-Width sweeps provide even draft and maximum holding power. Compared to the conventional sweeps, Tru-Width sweeps are the choice for growers who require optimal scouring in sticky or wet soil.


John Deere Plus Sweeps

Swap out your sweeps less often and cover far more acres with newly improved PLUS Sweeps. Manufactured with a uniquely formulated tungsten-carbide blend that's applied to the nose, wing and neck, PLUS Sweeps provide extraordinary wear resistance (lasting two to three times longer than uncoated sweeps2). Now available on both Perma-Loc™ High-Productivity and Tru-Width™ sweeps, you'll be able to cultivate consistent seedbeds acre after acre.

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