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Signature Edition Gator™ Utility Vehicles are loaded with exclusive features

John Deere Gator

The John Deere Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicles leverage technology to deliver a distinctive experience. Features include:

  • Factory-installed touchscreen infotainment system
  • Bumper Pro Brush Guard, rear fender flares, rear fender guards, and rear bumper
  • Genuine leather 40/60 split three-passenger bench seat
  • Rear-facing camera
  • Easy-access rear-sliding window
  • Leather-wrapped grab handle
  • Signature Edition badges
  • Front roof-mounted light-emitting diode (LED) driving lights
  • Maxxis® Bighorn® 2.0 extreme terrain or Predator Heavy-Duty all-terrain radial tires with alloy wheels
  • Cargo box power lift
  • Deluxe cargo box with spray-in liner, brake lights, and taillights
  • Green and yellow color
  • All existing R-trim cab features including:
    • Integrated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
    • Stone interior
    • Sport steering wheel
    • Sound dampening headliner and rear panel cover
    • A- and B-post covers
    • Interior rearview mirror, sun visor, and dome light
    • Windshield wiper and washer

Factory-installed touchscreen infotainment system

Signature Edition’s standard 16.3-cm (6.4-in.) touchscreen infotainment system delivers seven speakers, rear-facing camera, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, AM/FM, and SiriusXM® satellite radio. The infotainment system is designed for use during operation and while parked.
Android™ smartphones
When an Android smartphone is connected using an USB cable, or paired using a wireless connection, the operator can access select smartphone functions through the infotainment touchscreen. For example, the touchscreen can be used to place hand-free phone calls, send text messages, and play music.
Apple® iPhone® smartphones
An Apple iPhone can be connected using a USB cable or paired using a wireless connection. Similar to an Android wireless connection, the operator can access select iPhone functions through the infotainment touchscreen. Because of voice control limitations, the infotainment system is not compatible with Apple CarPlay® software.
Seven-speaker infotainment system professionally tuned by Harman:

  • Two headliner and two dash full-range speakers
  • Two A-pillar tweeters and an under-seat subwoofer
  • Water-resistant construction prevents damage in outdoor environments
  • Powerful for listening outside the vehicle

Rear-facing camera:

  • Is displayed on the infotainment screen with the push of a button
  • Can be used at any time, including spreading and spraying
  • Assists in positioning the vehicle to accurately place material dumped from the cargo box
  • Provides visibility to the hitch ball to precisely align trailer hitches
  • Is mounted to cargo box, and the box can be raised for a hitch-focused perspective

Sirius XM satellite radio:

  • Provides access to hundreds of channels of music, live sports, world-class news, and entertainment
  • Includes a factory-installed antenna
  • Requires a separate subscription

USB ports:

  • Can be used to charge phones and USB devices
  • Supports connectivity
  • Are located under the radio

Auxiliary port:

  • Allows any audio device with a headphone jack to play music through the infotainment system
  • Is located under the radio

Bumper Pro Brush Guard, rear fender flares, rear fender guards, and rear bumper

John Deere Gator Signature Edition vehicles include components to protect the vehicle:

  • Bumper Pro Brush Guard:
    • Protects the front grille, lights, hood, and sides
    • Has eye-catching and assertive appearance
    • Includes full-height rubber bumpers to soften contact with obstructions, including cattle gates
    • Has center screen that keeps trash from entering the radiator, which eases maintenance
    • Reaches around the side, so there is no need for brush guard extensions
    • Tilts forward for hood access
    • Is compatible with BUC10247 front fender guards
    • Is not compatible with BM26215 LED driving lights
  • Rear fender flares:
    • Keeps mud and debris off the vehicle
    • Refined molded construction
    • Includes BUC11375 rear fender flares
  • Rear fender guards and rear bumper:
    • Protects the rear and sides of cargo box
    • Includes BUC11320 rear fender guard and BM22767 rear bumper

Genuine leather 40/60 split three-passenger bench seat

Genuine leather 40/60 split three-passenger bench seat

Signature Edition vehicles feature a genuine leather bench seat that is durable and comfortable. An embroidered John Deere logo adds to the distinctiveness of a Signature Edition vehicle.


Rear-sliding window

Signature Edition vehicles include a rear-sliding window that can provide access to the cargo box and provide additional ventilation.


Leather-wrapped grab handle

Signature Edition vehicles include a leather-wrapped grab handle. The stitching is eye catching, and a foam base layer gives a soft feel.


Signature Edition badges

Signature Edition vehicles include badges on the dash and tailgate to designate their exclusivity. The tailgate’s Gator badge is also upgraded to complement the Signature Edition badge.


Front roof-mounted LED driving lights

R-trim cab features











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