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Model Year 2022 updates for full-size Gator™ XUV Crossover Utility Vehicles
John Deere Gator

Model year 2022 full-size John Deere Gator XUV Utility Vehicles can be ordered with Predator hard-surface tires. They are an excellent option for use on hard surface or intermediate off-road applications. The new tires have:

  • Radial construction that provides shock absorption, allowing for a smoother ride
  • An all-terrain tread pattern that balances traction and terrain impact
  • A flat profile that increases footprint area, reducing ground pressure
  • An 8-ply rating that delivers up to three times the life of Bighorn® tires

The Predator hard-surface tires are an additional tire option; Terra Hawk AT (all terrain) and Maxxis® Bighorn 2.0 radial tire options remain. The Predator tires are available:


  • With steel or alloy wheels
  • In yellow or black color
  • On all full-size John Deere XUV Gator Utility Vehicles including the S4 models

New stone cab interior John Deere XUV835R and XUV865R Gator Utility Vehicle

John Deere XUV835R and XUV865R Gator Utility Vehicles include a factory cab with interior trim details that are upgrades from XUV835M and XUV865M cab models. For model year 2022, these trim details are changing from a tan color scheme to a stone color scheme, which blends grey with brown tones. With the updated stone color scheme:

  • Seats are a medium stone color with dark stone accents

  • Driver seat features an embroidered John Deere leaping deer logo

  • Seat fabrics are made of a woven material

  • Dash, A and B post covers, rear panel cover, sun visors, and headliner are light stone in color

  • Door panel covers are black in color

  • John Deere XUV835R and XUV865R Gator Utility Vehicle cab interiors look like the cab interiors of large Ag products

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