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Color Coded Aluminum Coupler Grips | Save 12%

John Deere Parts

New color coded aluminum hose handles make it easy to match up the hydraulic hoses on your implement with the correct function on the tractor. They also feature anti-slip design to make it easier to grip the hose and connect / disconnect from the back of the tractor. The color codes parts are laser engraved with the John Deere logo and the extend and retract icons to ensure proper matching up the proper function.

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Color Coded Hose Grips

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NUMBER DESCRIPTION                             

KK57310 Grip, Connector – Green Extend 

KK57311 Grip, Connector – Green Retract 

KK57312 Grip, Connector – Blue Extend 

KK57313 Grip, Connector – Blue Retract 

KK57314 Grip, Connector – Brown Extend 

KK57315 Grip, Connector – Brown Retract 

KK57316 Grip, Connector – Black Extend 

KK57317 Grip, Connector – Black Retract 

KK57318 Grip, Connector – Violet Extend 

KK57319 Grip, Connector – Violet Retract 

KK57320 Grip, Connector – Gray Extend 

KK57321 Grip, Connector – Gray Retract 

KK59026 Grip, Connector – Yellow 

*Offer Good Thru Thru March 2021

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We now offer a daily parts run to the John Deere North American Parts Depot in Season.

The John Deere Parts Distribution Center was established in 1973 to provide timely and efficient delivery of service parts to depots, independent dealers, and customers around the world.

The Parts Distribution Center facility houses a multitude of different parts. The latest in technology enables the receiving, storing, picking, and shipping functions to be performed in the most efficient manner possible - supplying customers the right part at the right time.

Each day, about 80,000 "lines" are shipped from Milan - as many as 450,000 lines a week. (A "line," or "line item," is the term for a single order that is shipped as a unit, regardless of the actual quantity. It may be one tractor hood, a dozen batteries, or a hundred cap screws.) 

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