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John Deere C Series Cornhead

John Deere Combine

Check Out the Latest Improvements on the New John Deere C Series Cornhead from Cross Implement Your Local John Deere Dealer Serving Illinois Indiana Iowa Missouri Michigan & Wisconsin

RowMax Row Units


All John Deere corn heads are equipped with proven and durable RowMax row-units that immediately seize crop and pull it into the auger. Gathering chains, sprockets, chain guides, and stalk rolls are all designed to provide extended wear life.


  • Minimize row-unit repairs and maintenance, extend the life of the corn head, and lower overall ownership costs with durable RowMax row-units that deliver a 50 percent increase in the life of gathering chains and sprockets.
  • Increase harvest speeds with larger, deep conveying lugs to provide high levels of productivity.
  • Prevent rust and dents with row-unit points and covers constructed from tough, durable, and solid material.
  • Easily feed crop into the header, especially in down crop conditions, with a smooth surface and low friction provided by the row-unit covers.
  • Simply access each row-unit by quickly and easily raising each row-unit cover with no tools required.
  • Effortlessly adjust and level corn head divider points with a tooless design compared to time-consuming height adjustment when bolt or chain is used.
  • Prevent ears of corn from falling out of the front of each row-unit with ear-saver shields integrated into the row-unit deck shields.


  • After the initial stretch of the gathering chain, producers can expect increased chain life and adjustment only once a season.
  • Attached to the gathering chain are conveying lugs. The gathering chain is exposed at the front of the row-unit to enable better gathering of down corn, while the attachment link profile reduces trash intake and shelling loss.
  • The idler sprockets were designed to distribute chain load and increase chain life. The idler bearing contains a triple-lip seal plus an additional sealed outer steel shroud for bearing protection.
  • The chain guides have been designed with a raised roller surface to ensure gathering chains roll on the profile of the guide. Running on the rollers of the chain increases overall system efficiency by reducing friction, which results in increased gathering chain life.


Improved LED Lighting

Modern styling and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting increase overall header visibility in low light settings.


  • Dual-purpose end divider panel LED light:
    • Provides combine and grain cart operators with greater visibility to the outside of the header
    • Illuminates updated styling of the end panel
    • Has a pivoting bracket that allows for a light when servicing or repairing items under the end panel in low light situations

  • Dual-purpose end divider tip LED light:
    • Provides combine and grain cart operators with greater visibility to the outside of the header
    • Reduces combine operator difficulty when re-engaging in crop on a headland turn

All LED lighting works in conjunction with in-cab combine field lighting controls for quick and easy illumination.


19" Auger Improve Feeding & Reduce Grain Damage

Work easier in tough conditions, high material other than grain (MOG), and high moisture corn. The larger, 48.3-cm (19-in.) auger with increased torque (compared to the 700C 45.7-cm [18-in.] auger) features a deeper rolled auger floor to help operators cover more hectares (acres) per hour than previous models. It also ensures operators are never limited by the corn head feed rate, even with a larger X9 or S700 Combine.


  • Improve feeding in dry trash, reduce ear tossing, and prevent crop wrapping while ensuring every kernel makes it inside the combine with a large 48.3-cm (19-in.) cross auger. It features deep auger flighting and a rolled floor coupled with a 66-cm (26-in.) pitch on the auger flighting.

  • Harvest additional bushels per hour with the corn head’s larger auger and increased slip clutch torque
  • Reduce grain damage discounts at the elevator by $500 a year with a tighter distance between the auger flighting and floor.
    • NOTE: Compared to a 45.7-cm (18-in.) auger with a non-rolled auger bed floor. Based on Schedule of Discounts for Corn published by Archer Daniels Midland on 31 May 2017. Measure at going from 6.0 percent damage discount to 5.0 percent damage discount.
  • The slower auger speed reduces ear tossing in front of the feederhouse and moves material from the back of the row-unit into the auger to keep material flowing in dry trash and down corn feeding conditions.

  • Reduce damage to the ear (due to back feeding or stalling at the rear of the row-unit) by allowing crop to quickly move away from the row-unit and into the augers with a lowered auger floor entrance.

  • Reduce the amount of wrapping in heavy grass, vines, or wet/damp down corn with dual-auger strippers which significantly keep ears down on the auger floor rather than riding over the top.

Additional details

The CR Corn Head clutch value is 400 Nm (295 lbf), compared to the 700C at 300 Nm (221 lbf). The smaller rigid corn heads (12R22 and smaller) utilize a single side drive with one auger and one clutch per head. Larger rigid corn heads (12R30 and larger) utilize a dual side drive with two augers and two clutches per head. The CF Corn Head clutch value is 770 Nm (568 lbf) for all configurations, compared to the 700FC at 450 Nm (332 lbf). All folding corn heads are single side auger drives with one clutch per head.

The 66-cm (26-in.) pitch on the cross auger features reversed flighting in the center, tilting back 20 degrees at the beginning and then an additional 20 degrees the last 5.08 cm (2 in.) toward the tip. The auger runs at a speed of 135 rpm with the combine’s backshift speed set at 700 rpm. The cross auger can be adjusted by loosening the bolts at each end of the head and moving the auger up or down.

The top auger stripper does not require adjustment as it will remain at the needed position relative to the auger flighting. Once the auger has been set to the crop condition, the lower stripper can be adjusted 6 mm to 13 mm (0.25 in. to 0.5 in.) to the auger flighting. There is a 35-mm (1.4-in.) clearance between the auger flighting and floor.

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