John Deere Emergency Thaw
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John Deere is excited to announce a brand-new product in our Fuel Additive line-up.

Emergency Thaw dissolves gelled diesel fuel and melts ice in the fuel filter caused by freezing conditions, restoring fuel flow to the engine. Look for the Emergency Thaw ad in the February issue of The Furrow!


Emergency Application

Now $9.88

Remove the fuel filter from the vehicle. Add John Deere Emergency Thaw that has been kept at room temperature, directly to the filter canister. Allow the filter canister filled with Emergency Thaw to stand at room temperature for 45-60 minutes. Add Emergency Thaw to the fuel tank at a treat level of 32 oz. per 400 gallons (946 mL per 1514 L) of diesel fuel. Reinstall the filter on the vehicle. Allow 30-60 minutes for the additive to take effect before attempting to start the engine. Allow the engine to idle for 30-45 minutes to adequately warm the vehicle’s fuel system for proper operation.



Use of Emergency Thaw is a remedial action for extreme cold weather conditions.
For routine low temperature operability and water control, use John Deere Cold
Weather Diesel Fuel Conditioner.
Only add Emergency Thaw to the Primary fuel filter. Do not add to the secondary fuel filter as contamination could enter the system and cause damage.


Ag & Commercial use only.  Some Restrictions Apply.  Subject to Availability. See Dealer for details.

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