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Optimizing the Configuration of Your John Deere S700 Series Combine

John Deere Combine

Optimizing the Configuration of Your John Deere S700 Series Combine

Overwhelmed with option codes on the new S700 series combines?  Here are some  key features that you will want on your next combine. that are featured on all of our S700 Series Combines.


Power-folding grain tank extension

S700 Combines feature an optional power-folding grain tank and loading auger for ease of use with no need to enter the grain tank.


  • Quickly reduces the height of the combine for transport and storage
  • Optional for both the 10,600-L (300-bu) and 14,100-L (400-bu) grain tank


The power-folding extensions and covers are made of a water-resistant composite material to keep the grain tank dry when covers are closed without grain in the tank. The covers feature vinyl corners to achieve grain tank capacity and proper folding.
The covers automatically fold or unfold when the desired icon is touched or confirmed switch is pressed.


Feederhouse Fore Aft Hydraulic Tilt

Feederhouse Fore Aft Hydraulic Tilt allows operators to hydraulically adjust the fore-aft pitch of front-end equipment at the touch of a button from inside the cab to adapt to changing crop and field conditions.

Feature benefit:

  • Maximizes performance of header in down crop or changing field conditions to extend the harvest day by up to one hour
  • Achieves customized fore-aft angle of header with 17 degrees of tilt
  • Adjusts from inside the cab, on the go


All S700 Combines provide an optional hydraulic header fore-aft tilt capability from the cab. However, all S700 Combines include a front-tilting faceplate as standard equipment. This tilting faceplate allows static fore-aft adjustment of up to 17 degrees of tilt on the feederhouse to accommodate different header and tire combinations to ensure a parallel cutterbar-to-ground relationship. This prevents the cutterbar knife guards from bulldozing or the platform healing on the rear of the skid shoes.
NOTE: Hydraulic fore-aft adjustment range is limited based upon the front-end equipment attached to prevent header frame damage


My Operations Mobile

Remote View & Adjust Combine Settings

  • Reduce cost and capture more grain through proper settings enabled by remote monitoring and adjustment.
  • Spread the skills of the top operator to all machines in the fleet.
  • Save time spent calling operators and traveling to different machines.
  • Enhance the performance of all machines by matching the settings of the top operator.
  • Enable more real-time data management by seeing more real-time agronomic information.


Remote view and adjustment of combine settings ensures the combine is running at peak performance by allowing managers, lead operators, or dealers the ability to assit the operator with machine adjustment. As soon as a skilled operator or advisor downloads the MyOperations mobile application, they can begin monitoring and adjusting machines for optimum performance anytime and anywhere.

This feature allows remote managers to make adjustments to combine settings even while Auto Maintain is in use. Auto Maintain looks at the level at which the combine is performing, sets that as the goal, and automates combine settings to continually hit the target performance goal over and over again. Auto Maintain is able to hit the target by automatically making adjustments to the threshing speed, concave clearance, chaffer clearance, sieve clearance, and fan speed. If an Auto Maintain target is set and remote adjustments are made, the settings will take effect once the operator accepts the change request. If the new setting helps the combine perform better than the target, it will remain. If the change causes the machine performance to drop below the target, Auto Maintain will automatically re-adjust the settings to reach the target.


ActiveYield™ system: Automatic yield calibration

Manual calibrations can take up to 90 minutes, but with ActiveYield, it's done with no time or effort away from harvest and will save you time every day. Automatic calibrations occur as you're running, sensing the weight of the grain in the tank as it fills and continually calibrating the yield system, giving you more accurate field mapping.

Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter Premium Activation 3.0

Includes non-transferrable, machine specific AutoTrac, Data Sync, Section Overlap Control, AutoTrac RowSense, and In-Field Data Sharing functionality on the to a Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter.

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