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John Deere 700FD Draper Enhancements

John Deere Combine

Tall belt cleats and wide draper belts

provide excellent material handling and rubberized drive rollers increase capacity while dual guide increases wear life


John Deere 730FD 735FD 740FD Draper Belt


John Deere's exclusive tall draper-belt cleats help move heavy, down, and damp crop from the cutterbar to the combine feederhouse, while wide draper belts provide excellent material handling in tall and bushy crops.
Feature benefit:

  • The crop slippage is minimized with the 19-mm (3/4-in.) tall belt cleats for increased header performance and smooth crop material handling.
  • Maximum productivity is possible as crop is exposed to 100 percent of cut with the 101.6-cm (40-in.) wide side draper belts.
  • Increased combine productivity through smooth and even delivery of material into the feederhouse
  • Rubberized, dual-guide side-belt rollers provide a significant improvement in drive belt capacity in tough, damp, dry, and/or dusty conditions.
  • As of model year 2019, the 700FD includes a dual-guide draper belt, resulting in at least four times the wear life through thicker material, a corrugated design on the front edge, and the ability to flip the belts top to bottom and left to right.
  • 700FD dual guide belts take less time to change than 600FD belts with quick-remove crop ramps.


Draper Feed Section

Increase productivity with dual-position, triple-chevron feed drum while stainless-steel floor improves wear life


John Deere 730FD 735FD 740FD Draper Feed Section


The 40.6-cm (16-in.) feed drum improves the crop hand-off from the draper belts for smoother feeding and better performance of the combine, while the stainless-steel floor under the feed drum improves wear life and durability. The feed drum can be positioned in the lower position, creating the traditional feeding gap, or can be raised to the upper position, increasing the feeding gap by 2.54-cm (1-in.), the equivalent of a 35.6-cm (14-in.) feed drum gap.
Feature benefit:

  • Increased productivity through a feed drum that features a triple-chevron retractable auger finger pattern
  • Increased machine performance with a feed drum retractable auger finger, which improves crop feeding at the corners of the feed drum to help direct material to the feederhouse
  • Improved material handling and increased productivity through a unique, high-capacity center feed section with a faster belt speed, increased feed drum slip clutch, and a wider center feed belt than model year previous models
  • Increased uptime, especially in abrasive crops, through a replaceable stainless-steel feed floor that improves wear life


Improved wear with boronized knife guards



A unique, high-wear treatment known as boronizing has been added to the manufacturing process of the cutterbar knife guards on the 700FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platforms. These extended-wear knife guards have a thermochemical surface treatment for maximum durability and longer wear life in the ledger cutting surface area.
Feature benefit:

  • Increased uptime through improved overall cutterbar knife guard reliability
  • Higher productivity and better performance with faster cutting ability, allowing more acres to be harvested per day
  • Maximizes cutterbar performance to better match the performance of the combine


In some conditions, the extended wear knife guards can provide up to two times the life of the current production knife guards and improve the performance of the field-proven 10.16-cm (4-in.) Dura-Cut™ cutting system.



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