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John Deere Parts | Save 10% on Ripper Points
John Deere Parts

 John Deere Tillage Parts Guide 


John Deere ripper points, available in regular and heavy-duty, are highly rock resistant for longer wear. They fluff the soil for improved root penetration and water percolation, and the patented wing profile creates less draft for easier pulling and lower horsepower requirements.


John Deere LaserRip II Ripper Points


Features and Benefits
• High-Performance for those operating in difficult conditions.
• Critical wear areas are thicker for increased wear life.
• Exclusive cast material ensures resistance to rock chipping.
• Patented enlarged mounting holes for bolt head protection and retention.
• Fits John Deere and many competitive machines with 1 1/4-in parabolic standards.


John Deere LaserRip II Points to fit 1¼-in. Standard for John Deere (Front mounting hole)
Size Applications Part Number Standard
Wingless Deere N400763 1 ¼-in. Parabolic
5-in. Deere N400764 1 ¼-in. Parabolic
7-in. Deere N400765 1 ¼-in. Parabolic
10-in. Deere N400766 1 ¼-in. Parabolic
LaserRip II Points to fit 1¼-in. Standard for CNH/DMI/Brillion (Rear mounting hole)

7-in. CNH/DMI/Brillion N401044 1 ¼ -in. Parabolic
Wingless CNH/DMI/Brillion N401043 1 ¼-in. Parabolic
Size Application Part Number Standard


LaserRip Ripper Points for All-Makes Applications



Features and Benefits
• Exclusive cast material ensures high resistance to rock chipping.
• Critical wear areas thicker for increased wear life.


23⁄4-in. Sunflower N237223 11⁄4-in. Parabolic

7-in. Sunflower N237224 11⁄4-in. Parabolic
23⁄4-in. DMI N236412 11⁄2-in. Parabolic
7-in. DMI N400739 11⁄2-in. Parabolic
10-in. DMI N400740 11⁄2-in. Parabolic


Min-Till LaserRip Points



Features and Benefits
• Designed to create minimum soil disturbance


Wingless N262903 3⁄4-in. Ultra Low Disturbance Good Best Best Best
7-in. N262740 3⁄4-in. Moderate Disturbance Best Best Good Good
10-in. N262902 3⁄4-in. Low Disturbance Best Better Better Better


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