John Deere ActiveYield™ System Operation & Adjustment
John Deere Farmsight

John Deere ActiveYield ensures accuracy of the combine’s yield with no time spent manually calibrating by the operator.



Feature benefit:

  • Increased uptime with zero operator time spent calibrating the yield monitor system
  • Improved real-time decision-making as ActiveYield enhances the accuracy of the combine's yield data




John Deere Active Yield Operations & Adjustment Guide


ActiveYield eliminates time-consuming manual calibrations and replaces them with automated sensors that calibrate the machine by measuring the grain as the tank fills. This enables decisions to be made in real time without leaving the cab, providing more accurate yield mapping data.


When the ActiveYield option is enabled and the Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) in the StarFire™ 3000 or StarFire 6000 Receiver has been calibrated, ActiveYield is ready to go to work. As grain is harvested and enters the tank, the three sensors within the grain tank collectively measure the grain as it piles over the cross auger covers. If all conditions are acceptable (header and separator on, grain is flowing, machine level within 4 degrees) load collection occurs from 900 through 3000 kg (2000 through 6600 lb).
Any pitch and roll of more than 4 degrees from center during load collection will cause the system to reject that load due to the grain pile shifting in the tank. A new calibration load starts once grain is below the sensors on the cross auger covers.
Stored calibration loads are replaced by new ones as the system continues to collect data. The system may be disabled at any time by accessing the moisture setup page and unchecking the ActiveYield box if manual yield calibration is desired.

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