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Save 12% on John Deere Oil & Filters

John Deere Parts

Save 12% on John Deere Oil & Filters with Our Fall PreSeason Special thru the End of this Month. 


John Deere filters are a necessary complement to our top of the line maintenance fluids. They’re proven to protect your equipment from harmful particles invading your system while extending the life of your equipment.


We design our filters with high-quality media that can catch particles as small as one fifth of the width of a human hair! You’ll be sure to notice a longer service interval and overall better protection.


John Deere Oil filters

John Deere oil filters are expertly engineered to catch small particles like dirt and other contaminants before they pollute your engine. Dirty oil will slow you down, leading to less productivity and shorter service intervals. That’s why John Deere filters are tested to make sure they capture more dust than lesser quality filters.


When you’re considering oil filters, keep the following in mind: If the filter does not have adequate dirt holding capacity, dirty oil will begin to bypass the filter prior to the filter change interval.

The bypassing of the filter will allow debris into the engine causing unnecessary wear and tear.


Benefits: Even pleats and media spacing ensure even filtration for better overall protection without gaps.

Spiral and crimped center tube adds strength to prevent media from collapsing and letting unwanted particles into your system.

Rubber gaskets encourage a tighter seal than plastic gaskets found in competitive filters.


High-Tech Lubricants


Your equipment and lubricants go hand in hand. Since John Deere manufactures both machines and lubricants, the best way to keep your investment in prime shape is by using only John Deere products, created specifically with your John Deere in mind.


Take a good look at your lubrication options


Every lubricant we offer is developed by expert John Deere engineers and ideally optimized to meet heavy-duty requirements. Our products not only upgrade your machinery performance, they also protect it from wear and prolong the life of your investment.


Use only John Deere lubricants in your John Deere equipment for guaranteed long-term success.


Protect your equipment – protect your investment.


John Deere Oil Plus-50 II


The new John Deere Plus-50 II engine oil has been specifically developed for off-road applications and extreme operating temperatures for both existing and newer engines. Plus-50 II oil maintains its viscosity significantly longer and better than standard engine oils, keeping your engine running smoothly for up to 500 hours (proven by the JDQ-78X off-road dyno test).



API service categories: CJ-4, CI-4,CH-4, SM, SL, SJ

ACEA oil sequences: E9, E7



Benefits  Reduces maintenance costs and downtime

Drain intervals may be extended up to 500 hours when used with John Deere filters in John Deere engines

Formulated specifically to inhibit oxidation, deposits, corrosion, and wear with superior soot control

Provides maximum sludge and varnish control

Excellent low-temperature fluidity reduces engine wear in cold weather.

Low ash technology to support diesel particulate filter service life.

Full fleet solution: superior protection in low emission engines (IT4) and older engines.


Order John Deere Oil & Filteres from Your Local John Deere Dealer Cross Implement from Central Illinois Serving Illinois Indiana Iowa Missouri Michigan & Wisconsin for all your John Deere Parts Needs.  Offer Expires August  31 2018

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