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What Are John Deere High Productivity Sweeps?
John Deere Tillage

John Deere High Productivity Sweeps

John Deere High Productivity Sweeps Offer a Lower Crown & Lower Wing for 12% to 17% less draft


Laboratory tests show the High Productivity sweeps create 12% to 17% less draft.

Less draft means less power needed to pull the same amount of sweeps. Also the lower crown allows the HP sweep to operate at higher

speeds and leave a more level soil profile.


Deere High Productivity sweeps have a sharper edge

What does this mean to your customer? Sharper edge means greater ability of cutting through tough residue and roots.

The most reliable quick change system, Perma-Loc Top performance while operating at 7-10 mph


Heat Treatment Process 

Quench polymer concentration modified to keep quench temperature more consistent

Tempering temperature modified to improve sweep ductility

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