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2018 Full-Size Gator Crossover Utility Vehicles XUV835M XUV865M

John Deere Gator


The new XUV835 Gas and XUV865 Diesel Gator Utility Vehicles offer the ultimate experience in power, comfort, and conveniences. Highlights include:

  • Models are available in E-, M-, and R-trim levels, similar to John Deere tractors, which allows operators to match the right specifications and price to best meet their needs.
  • The factory-installed cab on the R-spec model has heating and air conditioning, room for three passengers, dash-mounted controls, tilt steering, and a fully-adjustable operator’s seat. It is also the quietest cab in the Gator utility-vehicle lineup – quiet enough to have conversations at a more comfortable volume.
  • Factory-installed wiring on M- and R-trim levels gives an opportunity to customize with more attachments and accessories.
  • Plenty of enclosed storage helps keep items protected from the elements and ready to use when they are needed.


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E-, M-, and R-trim levels offer economic to premium choices, providing a broader range of options to better match customer needs.

  • The E-trim level offers an entry-level price and features. This level does not offer power steering or easy-attach wiring.
  • The M-trim level offers a mid-range price and features. Power steering and factory-installed, easy-attach wiring for electrical attachments are included in base equipment. This trim level has the most options, such as heating and air conditioning, as well as an open operator station or cab. Roofs will be included with the priority replenishment (PR) configurations. 
  • The R-trim level is the ultimate in comfort, fit, finish, and experience. It comes standard with a factory-installed cab that features a cloth seat, tan interior, heating, and air conditioning. This is the quietest cab in the Gator utility-vehicle lineup.


  • Operator station experience
    • Room for three passengers, tilt steering, and fully-adjustable operator's seat
    • More passenger room fro greater operator comfort and fit
    • Factory-installed heating and air conditioning
    • Decreased noise levels, creating the quietest cabs yet - up to 3.5 dBA lower than the Kubota® RTV 1100C.
    • Over 56.8 L (15 gal.) of enclosed storage - nearly 64 percent more than the Polaris® Ranter XP900
  • Speed, power, stability, and handling
    • Gas models have increased power from 37.3 kW (50 hp) to 40.3 kW (54 hp)
    • Gas models have increased speed capability from 70.8 km/h (44 mph) to more than 72.4 km/h (45 mph)
    • Diesel models have a top speed of 51.5 km/h (32 mph) - 10 percent more than the Kubota RTV
    • All models have increased fuel capacity from 26.5 to 41.6 L (7 to 11 gal.). 
  • Cargo box versatility
    • The cargo box has 8 percent more volume than Kubota and 26 percent more than Polaris
    • Flat-bed conversion allows hauling of larger, irregular-shaped items. This feature is not available on Kubota and Polaris models
  • Factory-installed wiring on M- and R-trim levels
    • More efficient to add high volume attachments and accessories like roof lights and winches
    • R-trim vehicles come standard with light-emitting diode (LED) headlights
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