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John Deere Model year 2018 Planter Updates
John Deere Planter

SeedStar™ 4HP system




Reduce set up time between changing crops or field conditions by recalling saved settings used previously with Settings Manager, included with every SeedStar 4HP system. This feature allows saving and recalling planter and tractor settings for optimum performance in different conditions.
Settings Manager can be used to save all of the adjustment and inputs associated to a particular crop or condition. An example would be to store all population rates, downforce pressure, row cleaner adjustments, and closing wheel settings for planting corn and store a separate unique set of adjustments for soybeans. In addition, Settings Manager stores tractor settings such as selective control valve (SCV) flow and detents, infinitely variable transmission (IVT™) settings, eco modes, and more.



Easy Fold


Easy fold is a new feature of SeedStar 4HP for MaxEmerge 5e and ExactEmerge equipped 1775NT and 1795 with 2-point hitch, DB60 24R30, DB60 36R20, DB60 47R15, DB60 48R15 Planters. This integrated solution not only replaces the frame-folding box like the manual fold option in SeedStar 3HP, it has enhanced the process by controlling and automating the SCVs.
The one operation fold reduces the need for training inexperienced operators by sequencing the process correctly and reduces time spent folding and unfolding. By utilizing hitch automation, the hitch will be controlled by the planter during the fold cycle. Lining up the draft tube to the wing hooks is automated through this process reducing the operator tasks. On DB models, easy fold simplifies the folding process functions to one SCV. A manual process is available when needed.



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