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Verizon Jetpack 8482 for John Deere Expanded Connectivity for MTG 4G LT
John Deere Farmsight

Agronomic Data. Machine Data. Remote Support. Each of these require machine connectivity to provide John Deere Large Ag equipment customers with the best owner experience. With the release of the Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) 4G LTE, wireless connectivity options have increased. Customers using John Deere equipment in challenging GSM cellular coverage areas now have another option to improve data movement.


Verizon Jetpack™ for John Deere
Ordering opens on 13 March 2017 for a specific Verizon Jetpack™ that will only connect to MTG 4G LTE. Through customized software on MTG 4G LTE (releasing the first week of March Over-the-air), once the initial connection is configured between the MTG 4G LTE and Verizon Jetpack™ all future wireless connections will be automatic.

Most JDLink™ customers will not require this new hardware option. But for those using John Deere equipment in challenging GSM cellular coverage areas, the Verizon JetPack provides a simplified and supported option.

- For machine to host communication in operations such as Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) of documentation data, all data flows through the Verizon JetPack.
- For host to machine communications such as WDT of prescriptions or setup files and Remote Display Access sessions, a call is initiated to the MTG and then switched automatically to Verizon JetPack. Thus for these inbound data scenarios, minimal MTG cellular connectivity is required to initiate the communication.
- At this time Service ADVISOR™ Remote is only available through the MTG. It is not compatible with the Verizon JetPack or any other tethered wireless device.
- In both scenarios an active JDLink™ subscription is required for data to flow to/from the John Deere Operations Center. John Deere provides the data transmission as a service to customers that have an active JDLink subscription and have purchased the Verizon Jetpack™ hardware.

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