Want to Go to Cellular RTK in Illinois?
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Want to Go to Cellular RTK in Illinois?



Want to use your John Deere RTK Activation John Deere Display and John Deere Receiver?

Cross Implement has the answer for you.



There are two types of RTK in the ag market today: Single baseline RTK and  Cellular .

The cellular solution is much more reliable and accurate when compared to single base RTK and is the primary choice for many farmers across the midwest.





A vast network of base stations send data via the internet into central servers where the data is processed for clients to use. A cellular modem is installed in the tractor cab and is connected to the GPS receiver so that a wireless data connection can be established between the tractor GPS receiver and the servers. 


The GPS receiver on the tractor sends its position into the servers through the cellular modem. The servers respond by creating a virtual base station in close proximity to the tractor and transmitting corrections to the tractor's GPS receiver through the cellular modem. By creating a virtual base station for each vehicle that logs into the network, we are able to offer superior accuracy compared to that of a single base RTK provider. This also provides our clients with exceptional redundancy and reliability. 


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