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Model year 2018 John Deere 4R Series Self-Propelled Sprayer enhancements

John Deere Sprayer

Several enhancements have been made to John Deere 4R Series Self-Propelled Sprayers for model year 2018 to improve operator comfort while maximizing productivity and efficiency.


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Now reaching as wide as 40.2 m (132 ft), all-new industry-exclusive carbon fiber booms offer a wider-width, lighter-weight solution to improve productivity while reducing the number of passes required to complete the field.

Inside the cab, newly redesigned controls with fully integrated 4600 CommandCenter™ display optimizes the operator’s in-cab field-office experience for spraying. New customizable controls and a simpler interface make it easier for operators to be more efficient. Plus, operators can enjoy greater comfort over long days during condensed application schedules.


In addition to the enhancements, ExactApply™ sprayer system will be factory installed on steel and carbon fiber booms for model year 2018.



The CommandView III cab will keep operators comfortable all day long while increasing productivity and uptime with the redesigned CommandARM and the 4600 CommandCenter. The upgraded cab redefines operator comfort and productivity in four key areas:

  • Convenience - the redesigned multifunction handle, direct-mount 4600 CommandCenter and redesigned CommandARM puts key sprayer controls right at the operator’s fingertips.
  • Operator comfort – the CommandView III cab offers the ComfortCommand seat, which allows the operator to adjust the ride from soft to firm to match the their desired comfort level and for first-class comfort, a leather heated/ventilated seat is offered on the premium cab.
  • Visibility - the CommandView III cab offers improved visibility for the operator with the 15 degrees of right seat swivel as a standard feature in both cab options. Two internal rearview mirrors and light-emitting diode (LED) lights provide the operator in the premium cab increased visibility.
  • Ease of use - the 4600 CommandCenter improves on the operator experience with easy navigation between sprayer settings and on screen help functions.


ExactApply nozzle control allows operators to have more control over how and when they apply resulting in greater precision and productivity. The industry-exclusive features of ExactApply will allow operators to take spraying efficacy to new levels.

  • Performance 30-Hz pulsing keeps spray pressure constant at varying speeds allowing a more consistent droplet size and application across the whole field.
  • Productivity - automatic nozzle switching, switches nozzles as speed changes allowing operators to increase spray speed when using air induction nozzles.
  • Productivity light-emitting diode (LED) lights in each nozzle body allows the operator to start their day earlier or stay later and have complete visibility of their spray pattern.
  • Cost of Operation - individual nozzle control allows a more precise placement of product and saves operators 2-5 percent in input cost over section control.
  • Cost of Operation - turn compensation allows the operator to apply at consistent rates across the width of the boom when making turns in the field minimizing product burn and under application.



New Leader® dry spinner spreaders are now being installed on John Deere 4 Series Sprayer chassis at the factory. DN456 or DN485 Dry Spinner Spreaders can be ordered factory installed or separately to be used in conjunction with a liquid machine for true multi-season use:

  • DN456 MultApplier ready, 5.6 m3 (200 cu ft) – R4030 and R4038
    • Capable of holding 6.6-tons of fertilizer (not approved for Ag lime)
    • Broadcast from 34-kg (75-lb)/acre up to 3 tons/acre
    • Spread widths up to 32-m (105-ft) wide with fertilizer
    • DN456 with 279-mm (11–in.) feed gate option available for spreading Ag lime – R4045 only
    • Spread widths up to 18 m (60 ft) with Ag lime
  • DN485 MultApplier ready, 8.5 m3 (300 cu ft) – R4045
    • Capable of holding 10 tons of fertilizer (not approved for Ag Lime)
    • Broadcast from 34-kg (75-lb)/acre up to 3 tons/acre
    • Spread widths up to 32-m (105-ft) wide with fertilizer

Operators will see the following benefits of the 4 Series chassis with New Leader dry spinner spreader:

  • Productivity - upon delivery from the belt to the spinner, the dry nutrient applicator provides up to 32-m (105-ft) spread widths. The spinner assembly is easy to adjust and ensures accurate variable-rate applications, consistent spread patterns, and producing industry-leading productivity. 
  • Cost of Operation - the two-bin option (MultApplier) features two independent conveyors that can simultaneously apply two products at predetermined or variable rates, decreasing time in the field, soil compaction, and fuel consumption.
  • Ease of use - SpreadStar™ system allows integrated control with the machine and dry spinner spreader. The 4600 CommandCenter allows operators to set up and apply single or dual products, map-based prescriptions, variable rates, as-applied maps, and even John Deere Section Control all in one location.

NOTE: The DN456 Dry Spinner Spreader is only compatible with 4 Series Sprayers (R4030, R4038 and R4045), and the DN485 is only compatible with the R4045. The DN456 and DN485 are compatible with model year 2014 to 2017 4 Series Sprayers using the conversion kit BKK10787.


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