John Deere Planter ExactEmerge™ Retrofit Kit
John Deere Planter

John Deere Planter ExactEmerge™ Retrofit Kit

Save 8% and 0% for 48 Months Kits Starting @ Less Than $50,000



Get ready to plant next year and save big on the all-new John Deere ExactEmerge Retrofit Kit.

Give your existing John Deere Planter a high-performance technology boost for less!



Industry exclusive John Deere Brush Belt delivery system  Vacuum Automation Curve Compensation.  John Deere SeedStar 3 HP Heavy-duty shank, gauge wheel arms and bushings  Dual 56v electric drive motors and tractor power generation system. Available for 2011 or newer 1770NT CCS and 1790 Planters,  and 2012 or newer DB Series Planters.

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