John Deere Planter Updates for 2017
John Deere Planter


With the Easy Adjust row cleaners on ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge(TM) 5e equipped planters, operators now have a pneumatic solution to make on-the-go adjustments that is controlled directly from the seat of the cab.


Learn about the Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD) system for the MaxEmerge(TM) 5e and ExactEmerge(TM) row unit equipped planters from John Deere.


Learn how Pneumatic Closing Wheels can make a difference on your John Deere planter equipped with MaxEmerge(TM) 5e or ExactEmerge(TM) row units.


Understand the capabilities of the John Deere MaxEmerge(TM) 5e row unit. This electric drive row unit enables curve compensation and can be ordered with Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce, Pneumatic Closing Wheels and Easy Adjust Row Cleaners.

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