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AutoTrac™ Vision and AutoTracâ„¢ RowSenseâ„¢ for 4730 & 4830 John Deere Sprayers
John Deere Sprayer

John Deere’s AutoTrac RowSense and AutoTrac Vision are expanding to additional models to improve the versatility of AutoTrac on 4730, 4830 and 4940 Series Sprayers in post-emerge applications.



AutoTrac Vision, for early post season crop applications, and AutoTrac RowSense, for later season corn applications, detect the location of the crop row and provide input to the AutoTrac system, keeping the wheels between the crop rows. This advanced level of guidance minimizes crop damage, reduces operator fatigue, and maximizes sprayer productivity in fields with slopes up to 9%.


Operators will now have the ability to choose to operate with both sensors (Vision and RowSense). The system will use vision first for priority and then fall back to RowSense if vision confidence is lower than optimal operating range. This is called RowSense Fallback. If confidence is low on AutoTrac Vision and RowSense, the system defaults to GPS using the operator’s guidance line.

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