Model year 2017 S-Series enhancement for high-moisture corn grain quality
John Deere Combine

As part of John Deere’s continuous efforts to improve the value and performance of the S-Series Combines the following enhancements are being added to model year 2017 machines. These changes are being made to ensure the highest levels of grain quality, specifically when harvesting high-moisture corn (above 25 percent moisture). Extensive field testing confirms that much of the kernel damage in these conditions is not the result of the threshing section of the machine, but rather parts in front of the rotor or high tailings volumes.


Beginning with model year 2017 production, machines will be ordered with the coarse grain package code 0506 or deep-tooth chaffer and sieve code 4834:


Both feed accelerator and discharge beaters will be built using wear strips that have the leading and trailing edges rounded.



All machines factory equipped with deep-tooth chaffers will use a closed design for the rear 13 louvers, the dual adjust portion.





The feederhouse chain slats will be installed in a reversed orientation placing the smooth, non-serrated edge in the leading direction.




The feederhouse feed plate assembly is lowered 30 mm (1.18 in.) to reduce the possible pinching of ears at the sprocket area. Along with this change, the feed plate latch assembly will be changed to a stronger more robust design.


For complete information on optimizing S-Series for top performance and best grain quality through adjustments and retrofit components, refer to the information within the link below.


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