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Model year 2017 John Deere S-Series Combine and front-end equipment features

John Deere Combine

Q: New for model year 2017 combines and FEE

  • An additional folding corn head model, the 608FC.
    • 2-cm (30-in.)row spacing only available in StalkMaster™ corn head or non-StalkMaster configurations.
  • The flip-over reel option for 600D Draper platforms is now available as factory installed.
  • Enhancements to the S-Series Machine Automation Technology features
    • JDLink™ Connect system now includes a 5-year subscription and base equipment modular telematics gateway (MTG) 4G LTE hardware.
    • The StarFire™ 6000 Receiver replaces the SF3000 as the factory-installed receiver solution.
    • Enhanced Bluetooth® wireless system functionality with the premium radio option. A cab headliner mounted microphone provides improved performance.
  • Camera-ready option
    • Factory-installed option provides harnesses to facilitate field installation of up to three observation cameras. Locations at the unloading auger, grain tank, and rear styling panel.
  • An additional low side-wall (LSW) drive tire option, 800/55R46 R1W LSW.
  • Premium cab option now includes steering column mounted operator foot pegs for increased operator comfort.

Q: What combines are compatible with the 608FC?

  • Non-StalkMaster 608FC requires S660-S690 with 110-kW high-torque or CommandTouch™ multi-speed feederhouse drive, 70 mm (2.8 in.) or larger feederhouse lift cylinders and appropriate tires. ProDrive™ transmission is recommended on the S660 and S670.
  • StalkMaster 608FC requires S660-S690 with 110-kW high-torque or CommandTouch multi-speed feederhouse drive, 80-mm (3.1-in.) feederhouse lift cylinders and appropriate tires. ProDrive is recommended on the S660 and S670.

Q: Will the enhanced Bluetooth- feature be retrofitted?

  • A service parts kit will be available for S-Series Combines with the premium radio option
    • Model year 2014 and newer S-Series will require a updated software payload to enable the enhanced Bluetooth function
    • Model year 2013 and older S-Series will require the radio to be replaced with the current premium radio

Q: Will the foot pegs feature be retrofit-able?

  • A service parts kit will be available for all S-Series Combines equipped with premium cabs

Q: When will price and availability information be available? 

  • These machines will be available for ordering with the model year 2017 EOP.  All pricing, incentives, and ordering information will be release with the announcement of the model year 2017 combine and FEE early-order program approximately 3 August.

Q: Where can more detailed information be found about these new products?

  • Complete and detail product information will is available on the Ag Sale Manual as of 3 August 2016.

Q: When and where can these new products be seen as a show or event?

  • Farm Progress Show (FPS) 30 August – 1 September 2016
  • Husker Harvest Days (HHD) 13-15 September 2016
  • Ohio Farm Science Review (OFSR) 20-22 September 2016
  • Sunbelt Ag Expo 19-21 October 2016

Q: When and where can the grower get more training on these new products and features?

  • The John Deere Combine Sales Handbook will be updated to include 2017 features and products
  • LAIS training event will include these 2017 features and products



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