John Deere 608FC 8-Row Folding Corn Head
John Deere Combine

John Deere 608FC Folding Corn Heads provide the high-capacity and productivity features for which growers are looking. These corn heads deliver durability and dependability second to none, plus innovative designs and technology that deliver distinct advantages to growers:


Higher levels of performance when harvesting standing, down, or leaning crops.
The John Deere 608FC Corn Head takes in less material, increasing separation, and throughput, allowing growers to better utilize the higher levels of capacity of the John Deere combines.
Increased residue management capabilities with more aggressive, longer-lasting knife rolls. Hydraulic folding capability with a push of a button from the cab speeds transport between fields.
Available in 8-row model in 76.2-cm (30-in. row spacing).
The John Deere 608FC Corn Head is available in both a StalkMaster™ version and non-StalkMaster version. With StalkMaster, operators get the benefits of the 600 Series Corn Head with folding capability and the ultimate in cornstalk residue processing.

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