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John Deere Planter Individual row hydraulic downforce (IRHD)
John Deere Planter

John Deere Planter Individual row hydraulic downforce (IRHD) from Cross Implement Your John Deere Dealer in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Indiana.



IRHD has been specifically designed to meet the needs of producers that are looking to adjust to the toughest field conditions and provide maximum yield potential from field to field, season after season. IRHD works as a closed-loop downforce system that reacts quickly on an individual row basis to changing soil conditions supporting increased ground contact, which can lead to improved seed depth consistency. When setting planter downforce margin the system will apply the needed downforce by row to maintain ground contact. From the factory the margin will be set at 100 lb, changes may be required based on varying field conditions.
The system allows growers to maintain gauge wheel ground contact leading to desired seed depth placement. IRHD can adjust five times per second and make adjustments of 45.4 kg (100 lb) in less than a second. The system has a total range of applied downforce from 50 lb to 450 lb and utilizes the power beyond circuit on the tractor. IRHD is 58 percent faster than active pneumatic downforce solution. Fast reaction and increased ground contact can lead to improved emergence and a yield improvement from 5 percent to 9 percent.

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