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John Deere Farm Site | Distance Trip
John Deere Farmsight

John Deere Distance Trip functionality is now available as a standalone activation. John Deere Distance Trip enables producers to move dirt or mark soil based on distance. The John Deere Distance Trip functionality allows producers to utilize many different hydraulic-controlled implements and control them based on a given distance.
The Distance Trip functionality can perform many different tasks. The most common tasks are:

  • Create headland furrows in furrow irrigation applications
  • Mark the soil for fence posts or planting trees in an orchard



Formerly available only with iGrade™ leveling system activation John Deere Distance Trip will allow producers interested in distance based actuation, who would not be doing grading activities, to receive it at a lower cost than before. John Deere Distance Trip will require an application controller and vehicle GPS running SF2 or greater signal level for use.

Activations of licenses in StellarSupport™ system beginning on 27 April 2016.

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