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John Deere Utility Tractors
John Deere Utility Tractor

Got Work? Get a Tractor

Review our series of affordable, versatile, reliable and easy to use John Deere Utility Tractors for all of your work needs. 

John Deere 5E Tractor
Leases From 
$3,900/y to $6,900/y $35/h

5100E New $64,313 Now $47,900
 100hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd Reverser Joystick
5085E New $63,048 Now $42,900
85hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd Reverser Joystick
5075E New $40,549 Now $30,900
75hp 3cyl Mfwd Reverser Joystick
5065E New $38,549 Now $28,900
65hp 3cyl Mfwd Reverser Joystick
5055E New $31,767 Now $26,500
55hp 3cyl Mfwd Reverser Joystick
5045E New $27,207 Now $22,500
45hp 3cyl  Joystick


John Deere 6E Tractor
Leases From 
$7,900/y $45/h

6115D New $83,542 Now $65,900
115hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd Reverser Loader


6105E New $79,160 Now $60,900
105hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd Reverser



John Deere 6M Tractor
Leases From 
$8,900/y $55/h

6110M New $100,027Now $74,900
110hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd 24spd
6115M New $104,145Now $69,900 
115hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd 24spd
6120M New $111,586 Now $83,900
120hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd 24spd


6140M New $117,684 Now $84,900140hp 4cyl Cab Mfwd 24spd
6150M New $128,546 Now $92,900
150hp 6cyl Cab Mfwd 20spd
6140R New $150,640Now$104,900
140hp 6cyl Cab Mfwd IVT TLS AutoSteer
6150R New $177,586Now$115,900
150hp 6cyl Cab Mfwd IVT TLS AutoSteer

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*Qualifies for Low Rate JDF Financing Plus Applicable Participation Fees, Additional Terms and Conditions Apply. Subject to John Deere Credit Approval with Qualified Down Payment. Not everyone will qualify for low rate option. Residency restrictions may apply. Purchase or Renew Only offers a fixed purchase option without surrender option. Customer may purchase, trade, or renew at end of lease. Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Some Restrictions Apply.  Subject to Availability. See Dealer for Details. Ag & Commercial use only. Horsepower ratings are for comparison purposes only and are estimates. This schedule is only an estimate.*

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