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FREE FREIGHT for the following John Deere Enclosures
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X300 X500 X700 Series Weather Enclosure


FREE FREIGHT for the following enclosures Thru Jan 31 2015 : 
LP21790 - D100 Series Weather Enclosure 
LP36740 - X300 Series Weather Enclosure
LP36741 - X500 Series Weather Enclosure
LP41114 - X700 Series Weather Enclosure

  • Keeps you working no matter what the weather
  • Roomy steel frame cab shields against, snow, rain, sun and wind
  • Assembles and installs with standard hand tools in 1 hour
  • Easy entry with hinge door access
  • Double zippered access hole for control maneuverability
  • Zippered doors have a snap-lock system to hold them open
  • Super-clear vinyl windows are cold crack tested to -20C
  • Overall height from ground to the top of cab 78 inches, or 6.5 feet
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