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16 John Deere S-Series Combine and Head Equipment

John Deere Combine

16 John Deere S-Series Combine and Head Equipment 

John Deere’s model year 2016 S-Series Combine and front-end equipment improvements provide distinctive value and better machine performance in a variety of crops and conditions.



John Deere Combine Model year 2016 updates

John Deere’s 630FD, 635FD, and 640FD HydraFlex Drapers received the updates that customers first saw on the 645FD. These updates include a wider feed section with faster center belt speed to handle higher volumes of crop, shorter end dividers to reduce grain loss and crop knock down, stronger reel fingers to better handle harsh crop conditions, and improved wear life on the reel finger support tube bearings.

Video The New 2016 John Deere HydraFlex Draper Family

The 12-row 612FC Folding Corn Head will improve harvest readiness by folding quickly and easily from the convenience of inside the cab. It is available in StalkMaster™ or non-StalkMaster equipment configurations in 76.2-cm (30-in.) spacing and will raise acres harvested by 30 acres per day (versus a traditional 8-row head).


Video The New 600C Folding Corn Head

The Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe is built with six additional louvers on the sieve, resulting in 12 percent more surface area. Its unique design consisting of hybrid aluminum and high-strength steel makes it lighter for smoother operation and increased capacity in shoe limited conditions. This increase to combine capacity is up to 10 percent in corn and 13 percent in wheat and canola. 


Video The Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe


Harvest Mobile™ system is the latest in in-cab innovation. It works directly from an iPad® tablet to deliver in-depth information on field performance and enables Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) capabilities. With ICA, machine controls are simplified, helping an operator go from novice to expert in far less time.
Wireless Data Server (WDS) and required harness is added as base equipment to all 2016 S-Series (US and Canada only) as well as a one-year mobile app subscription needed to provide connection to a customer’s iPad or iPad Air® 2 device.
All of these enhancements were done with the operator in mind. John Deere’s innovations also include improved manufacturing processes to provide top quality solutions and continued uptime in short harvesting windows.
iPad and iPad Air 2 are trademarks of Apple Inc.


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