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Introducing New Solutions to allow Interim Tier 4 Engines to Operate in Regions with Lower Quality Diesel Fuel

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Introducing New Solutions to allow Interim Tier 4 Engines to Operate in Regions with Lower Quality Diesel Fuel

If you are looking at one of our PreOwned John Deere Units and wanting to Export it & have concerns about Emissions problems we now have a solution.


John Deere is pleased to announce the introduction of Sulfur Compatibility Solutions (SCS) for Interim Tier 4 (IT4) applications. These kits enable migration and use of machines with IT4 engines in regions with lower quality diesel fuel.

Global fuel quality varies throughout the world. IT4 engines were designed to be used with Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). Using these machines with non-ULSD can lead to engine damage or failure. SCS allows IT4 engines to use non-ULSD in lesser regulated markets and ensures the reliability and uptime expected from John Deere.


How Does it Work?
- SCS remove or disable systems susceptible to damage when using non-ULSD.

- Installation of hardware and software must be done in a lower regulated market.
o Software and Labels are not available in regulated markets.
o Hardware is available to all John Deere dealers. This allows exporting dealers the option of shipping components with the machine.

John Deere recognizes used machines will move from a highly regulated market to a less regulated market. Regardless of the market, our customers demand the highest level of uptime. To meet this need, John Deere recommends installing SCS on IT4 machines using diesel fuel with elevated sulfur levels.


Question: Why is this important?
Answer: Using non ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) can be harmful to the engine of your equipment if it was not designed to operate on non ULSD. Many equipment manufacturers utilize designs to meet emission regulations which will be damaged by the use of Non ULSD.


Question: What can happen to the engine if you operate a T4 vehicle with high sulfur fuel?
Answer: John Deere T4 equipment is designed with a Diesel Particulate Filter. Initially a customer will see abnormal white smoke. This is due to sulfur poisoning of the after treatment device. Secondly, the filter can plug and need to be replaced (it cannot be cleaned). Also, your machine may utilize Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This system, when used on Tier 4 engines, can create corrosive compounds when utilized with non ULSD that can lead to internal engine damage.


Question: What can I do as a customer?
Answer: Ask your fuel supplier to provide documentation on fuel sulfur levels. If the sulfur content is slightly elevated above 15 ppm, change the oil more frequently. If it is significantly elevated then source ULSD or purchase a sulfur compatibility kit.


Question: Is a Sulfur Kit available? If so, how do I purchase it?
Answer: Available Sulfur Compatibility Kits are listed in Dealer Technical Solution 95059. All components are available through parts or otherwise noted in the DTAC solution. Please see your John Deere Dealer.


Question: If a solution is installed what are the impacts on machine performance?
Answer: Installation of a Sulfur Compatibility Kit removes the aftertreatment and EGR system eliminating the need for regeneration. Installation could slightly increase fuel consumption and reduce power on specific configurations or operating conditions. Consult your local John Deere Dealer for more information.


Question: What is the warranty period?
Answer: The Sulfur Compatibility Kit components are covered by the same warranty terms as the standard parts warranty for your region. Please see your John Deere Dealer.
John Deere Sulfur Compatibility Kit FAQ
John Deere Sulfur Compatibility Kit FAQ


Question: Is additional fuel filtration needed?
Answer: Additional fuel filtration does not lower the sulfur fuel levels. It is recommended to understand fuel quality being used and install an additional John Deere approved fuel filtration system as needed. It is also recommended to utilize John Deere approved fuel conditioners.


Question: What are the Key things to do when operating a machine without a Sulfur Compatibility Kit?
1.Use BSIV diesel fuel with the lowest sulfur ppm content available.
2.Change engine oil and oil filter every 350-375 hours or less depending on sulfur content. Use PLUS-50 II engine oil.
3.Change the fuel filters every 350-375 hours or less depending on fuel quality.
4.Use COOL-GARD II heavy duty diesel engine coolant.
5.Operate the machine under heavy load for best performance and minimize idle time.
6.Enable AUTO filter cleaning on the Engine settings page and complete the Parked Exhaust Filter Cleaning process when prompted.
* Oil samples taken on a regular basis is also recommended to help prevent any catastrophic engine failures.
Question: What are the performance expectations, as compared to new vehicle when using higher sulfur diesel without a Sulfur Compatibility Kit?
Answer: Performance will be comparable to a new machine. Decrease in engine life can occur if proper steps are not taken. More frequent regenerations will occur when using non-ULSD.
Question: Does my machine need any additional preventive maintenance?
Answer: Though no additional maintenance is needed, service intervals will decrease due to the characteristics of non-ULSD. With the right care and John Deere Dealer support your machine will operate reliably.

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