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John Deere 2510H High-Speed Applicator

John Deere Equipment

John Deere has extended the capabilities of the proven 2510H High-Speed Applicator by adding dry nutrient application in addition to NH3. Producers can boost yield, save time, and cut costs in their nutrient application plans in addition to being better environmental stewards through application practices adhering to the 4R Nutrient Strategy. This strategy employs the right source, at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place.
The 2510H with dry attachment can apply all three of the primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium at the right time to feed crops when they most need it. The 2510H Dry Attachment makes a three-season machine delivering even more capabilities for fall, pre-plant, and side-dress applications. This integrated solution will help the operator achieve the 4R objectives, improving application rate, coverage, and accuracy.
Available in a 15-row configuration with 11.43 m (37.5 ft) width the 2510H Dry Attachment addresses the 4Rs better than any nutrient applicator on the market today. It is an all-in-one, fully integrated package for reducing fertilizer costs, getting plants the nutrients they need, when they need them, to ultimately boost yields.
And by applying fertilizer closer to the time of crop uptake, rates can be split and crop yield maximized—with less risk of loss due to denitrification, volatilization, leaching or runoff.
4R Nutrient Strategy
  • Delivers higher productivity than competitive applicators
    • Up to 16 km/h (10 mph) application speed
    • More versatility to work in varying field types and soil conditions
    • Three-season machine for spring, fall, and side dress
  • Increased nutrient stewardship
    • Responsible nutrient placement and application rates to provide a healthy soil environment for plants to thrive and reach their highest yield potential efficiently through improved root uptake
  • Minimal soil disturbance with a single-disk opener for sub-surface application
    • Reduce erosion
    • Less nutrient loss
    • Efficient plant nutrient up-take
  • Precise product placement
    • By precisely placing nutrients in the root zone, the plants will realize better nutrient uptake to achieve high yields
    • Row-to-row accuracy of plus/minus four percent coefficient of variation
  • Up to 16 km/h (10 mph) application speeds
    • 6  percent increase in productivity over the industry average of 9.7 km/h (6 mph)
  • Matched capacity Nh3 tank and 6- or 9- ton dry poly tank
    • Additional 40 acres of application each day
  • Large, 380 tires get the operator to the field sooner and allow longer work hours 
    • High floatation for varying soil types and field conditions
    • High clearance for side dressing at critical growth stages
  • Stainless-steel dry meter and tank hardware components
    • Hydraulic meter drive to reduce calibration efforts
    • Designed of high-quality material that is more chemical resistant
Cost of operation
  • One-pass anhydrous and dry nutrient application
    • 33 percent less equipment being pulled through the field to reduce additional field passes and crop damage
  • Three season application
    • Apply nutrients preplant in spring, fall, and side dress to feed plants when they need it most, potentially reducing rates while attaining maximum yield
  • Increased asset utilization
    • 50 percent increase over the 2510H Applicator
  • Integrates with John Deere Technologies and GreenStar™ Rate Controller
    • GreenStar Displays
    • GreenStar Rate Controller Dry
    • AutoTrac™ assisted steering system
    • MyJohnDeere Operations Center
    • John Deere Section Control
    • Variable rate prescriptions
    • JDLink™ machine telematics gateway (MTG)
2510H with dry attachment — Supporting the Nutrient Reduction Strategy
The 2510H with dry attachment aligns with the efforts to help implement the nutrient reduction strategy, which is a science and technology-based approach to achieving a 45 percent reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus losses to waterways.
The objectives of this goal are to reduce:
  • Drinking water treatments
  • Hypoxia- in Gulf and Great Lakes (most publicized)
  • Runoff into Chesapeake Bay
  • Point source pollution
  • Recreational use of water limitations
  • Negative agriculture public perception
Customer value
Nutrient management is critical for reaching a crop’s yield potential. The 2510H with dry attachment delivers versatility as a three-season machine that combines sound agronomic practices such as precision application of the products that provide the nourishment essential for plant growth and maintenance. The 2510H with dry attachment responsibly applies nutrients to attain high yields. This equipment places anhydrous up to 139-mm (5.5-in.) and dry nutrients up to 114 mm (4.5 in.) deep.
The 2510H with dry attachment is an essential tool to help customers meet their correct plant nutrient agronomic needs. It serves as a resource that enables plants to realize their highest possible yields in an environmentally sustainable manner. The 2510H with dry attachment provides a means to being the most fiscally responsible with nutrient input investments to help customers achieve higher profits.
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