2015 John Deere Combine Enhancements
John Deere Combine

2015 S-Series Combine and front-end equipment new features 

John Deere’s model year 2015 S-Series Combine and Flex Draper improvements provide distinctive value and better machine performance in a variety of crops and conditions. The new 645FD HydraFlex™ Draper adds even greater capacity to John Deere’s productive front-end equipment lineup. Hydraulic platform tilt features, feederhouse improvements, Active Concave Isolation, and two new unloading augers also increase performance, uptime, and the amount of crop that can be harvested during the long days of harvest season.

Hydraulic feederhouse platform tilt (Fore Aft)
 A new hydraulic feature allowing feederhouse platform tilt from wiithin the cab will greatly improve the ease of angle adjustment for better crop harvesting throughout the day.
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