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Model year 2016 updates to self-propelled sprayers (Revised 27 May 2015)

Commercial Worksite

To accommodate customer needs within application equipment, the following updates have been made for model year 2016 R4023, R4030, R0438, and R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayers. The Ag Sales Manual content for model year 2016 machines will be updated 1 June 2015.

R4023 Self-Propelled Sprayer
R4023 Sprayer

For model year 2016, the R4023 Sprayer will be replacing the 4630 Sprayer, completing the 4 Series Sprayer lineup. This Final Tier 4 (FT4) emission-compliant product offers a new premium cab option so customers may select the cab comfort level of choice. For more information, please see the R4023 Ag Sales Manual homepage.
4 Series Sprayers:  R4030R4038, and R4045

R4030 Sprayer
R4038 Sprayer
R4045 Sprayer
Ag Management Solutions (AMS)
  • JDLink™ Ultimate telematics system codes 188E and 188F have now been replaced with JDLink Connect codes 188J and 188K.
Machine optimization
  • Model year 2016 machines have been optimized to reduce overall machine weight. Areas where the machine has been optimized include tank skid, fixed and suspended centerframe, and miscellaneous brackets and supports throughout the machine. The optimization does not reduce the expected performance of the machine, nor does it remove or change any machine operation features or specifications.


Machine model Model year 2015 weight Model year 2016 weight
R4030 base machine with 30.5-m (100-ft) boom** 13,630 kg (29,986 lb) 12,925 kg (28,495 lb)
R4038 base machine with 36.6-m (120-ft) boom) 14,345 kg (31,559 lb) 13,805 kg (30,435 lb)
R4045 base machine with 36.6-m (120-ft) boom 16,400 kg (36,080 lb) 15,945 kg (35,153 lb)


**R4030 hydraulic reservoir capacity has been modified from 98 L (26 gal.) to 75.7 L (20 gal.). This should not impact customer performance as the original tank was common between the R4030, R4038, and R4045. The R4030 does not require as much hydraulic capacity as the two larger models.
Cab and controls
  • All machines ordered from the factory with a solution system will now have a right-hand cab mirror installed. Dry spinner spreader chassis ordered from the factory will continue to receive the upper right-hand mounted cab mirror. These mirrors can be retrofitted to previous model year machines, please see Parts catalog for necessary components.


4 Series Sprayers cab


  • Code 7820 FieldVision Xenon HID Lighting Package will be replaced with code 7825 LED Field Lighting Package. In addition to converting all current HID lights to LED lights, 4 additional machine lights will be converted to LED lights when code 7825 LED lighting is ordered.


Lighting code 7815 - Deluxe halogen lighting 7820 - FieldVision Xenon HID lighting 7825 - LED field lighting
Halogen (2) Front field lights in hood
(2) High/low halogen road headlights
(6) Cab-roof side lights
(2) Front mid-body lights
(4) Side field lights
(2) Rear boom lights
(1) Fill station light
(1) Cab courtesy light
(2) High/low halogen road headlights
(6) Cab-roof side lights
(2) Front mid-body lights
(2) Rear boom lights
(1) Fill station light
(1) Cab courtesy light
(2) High/low halogen road headlights
(6) Cab-roof side lights
(1) Fill station light
(1) Cab courtesy light
HID ---

(2) Front field lights in hood

(2) Side field lights

LED --- ---

(2) Front field lights in hood

(2) Front mid-body lights

(2) Side field lights

(2) Rear boom lights


Wheels and tires - R4030, R4038, and R4045 Solution system
  • Fence-row nozzles (options 8600-8605) have been redesigned to increase output/flow to better align with performance of previously manufactured models. For machines that are model year 2015 and older, please see DTAC Solution 99812 for information on updates that can be made.
  • Less boom (option code 5000) will be made available for model year 2016 4 Series Sprayers for customers who desire a third-party boom system to accommodate unique width or configuration needs. Machines ordered less boom will still be built with/include the following items:
    • Fixed and suspended centerframe
    • Inner-wing fold and tilt cylinders
    • Boom-system hydraulic valve
    • Boom-fold sensors
    • Nine-section valves and wiring harness
    • Centerframe solution plumbing included ending at boom solution strainers
While this option will facilitate the installation of third-party boom configurations, there are dimensional limits that must be considered for these systems, to ensure no damage is incurred to the rest of the machine. For more information on approved aftermarket installations, please see the operator's manual for that model.
Gold key tour options
  • Option codes 9075 and 9076 were removed during model year 2015 sprayer production. As a reminder, as of fall 2014, Gold key tours setup was required through the following website: Gold Key Signup.
New attachment kits:
  • Cold-weather radiator screen kit BKK10270: for R4030, R4038 and R4045 machines running in cold temperatures less than -10?C (15?F), a kit has been developed to add additional shielding to the radiator and hydraulic cooling system. At these low temperatures, operators may see issues with the hydraulic system overheating. For more information please see DTAC solution 101189.
  • Air cleaner snorkel kit BKK10276: for R4030, R4038, and R4045 customers seeing engine air filter plugging at low service intervals, an air cleaner kit has been developed to extend air filter life.
  • Spray system cleaners: John Deere’s new partnership with Precision Labs allows dealerships and customers to order new Precision Labs products directly through JDParts. Please see Parts bulletin for more detail.
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