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John Deere Planter Enhancements for 2016

John Deere Planter

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Photo of ExactEmerge Unit

Find out which older-model planters can now be outfitted with ExactEmerge.

New ExactEmerge Retrofit Kits
Know what you get with an ExactEmerge Retrofit Kit? You get it all. The industry-exclusive BrushBelt delivery system. The high-performance vacuum meter. The dual electric motors. Everything. So that now you can turn the planter already in your machine shed into the planter of tomorrow.




Vacuum MeterVacuum Meter
The redesigned vacuum meter was built for high-performance planting, allowing you to plant the hybrid that's precisely singulated and bests suits your field conditions. That means a variety of kernel sizes and shapes, and no mechanical adjustments to worry about. Plus, our improved meter offers a new brush-style doubles eliminator that ensures only one seed reaches the brush belt to give you world-class singulation.

Brush beltBrush belt
The brush belt delivers seed to the bottom of the trench, matching planter ground speed at any desired population. This gives you precise seed placement with no roll. Brush bristles gently cradle seed and control them for superior spacing accuracy, even in rough planting conditions. For ExactEmerge row units only.



MaxEmerge™ 5


Enhanced design features new straight entry hose directly from the CCS tank to promote better seed flow and cut down on potential plugging. With this upgraded series, you can maintain your target population on slopes up to 14º.

Doubles EliminatorDoubles Eliminator
New and improved number dial knob allows for more precise setting with a variety of crop sizes, allowing you to achieve target population consistently.



Pro-Series XP


VacuMeter seed-metering systemVacuMeter ™ seed-metering system
This field-proven system is accurate, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. A variety of available seed disks, including the popular ProMAX 40 Flat Disk, helps you achieve the populations and seed spacing consistency you demand, no matter what crop you’re planting.

Ductile-iron shankDuctile-iron shank
This ductile-iron cast shank deflects without bending and withstands impacts without cracking for reliability in even the rockiest fields and toughest no-till conditions.



MaxEmerge XP


Flush-face seed tubeFlush-face seed tube
The innovative design of the flush-face seed tube lets seed drop uninterrupted for more even spacing.

Angled closing wheelsAngled closing wheels
The angle of these closing wheels firms soil around seed, not over it, for excellent seed-to-soil contact. Rubber tires are standard; cast closing wheels are optional.


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