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John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter trench delivery system and BrushBelt(TM) delivery system

John Deere Planter

Increase productivity with John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter trench delivery system and John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt™ delivery system

It is very challenging to get the crop planted during the optimum planting window or as close to the optimum planting day as possible. Rate-of-yield loss accelerates greatly after the optimum window has passed. This is especially true in the northern U.S. and Canada. John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter maintains accurate speed placement at higher speeds; growers can avoid missing that peak planting time, thereby helping to get the highest crop yields. 

  • Yield loss after optimum planting day

    Yield loss after optimum planting day


With the John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt trench delivery system, the spacing in the trench does not change from flat ground to hill ground. This is a big problem with a traditional seed tube. The seed bounce and ricochet will increase as slopes increase, which results in a greater reduction in seed spacing, enabling more yield potential on hill ground.


Productivity - The design of the John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt provides the best solution for the lowest release of seed to the bottom of the trench. The use of a brush provides the meter with an infinite amount of placement opportunities for each seed. This is what gives producers the confidence that every seed will have the desired spacing that a seed tube cannot provide.

  • Maintenance-free BrushBelt

    Maintenance-free John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt


The physics of the brush is very gentle on seeds of all sizes. When the brush comes around the pulley, it expands allowing the seed to be transferred from the bowl disk to the brush very easily. The brush then controls all four sides of the seed and tightens around the seed once the belt turns vertically down toward the trench, ensuring that there is no movement as they move down the length of the cartridge.


Once the brush reaches the lower pulley, the John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt expands again loosening the grip on the seed, and the centrifugal force releases the seed without the concern of seeds getting stuck in the belt, even with use of seed treatments. Another physics advantage with the BrushBelt and cartridge to reach the higher speeds is the ability to match the seed rearward trajectory to the forward ground speed of the planter. This provides a dead drop of the seed with no bounce and no roll at the bottom of the trench.

  • BrushBelt conditioner engages brush bristles

    John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt conditioner engages brush bristles


John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter cartridge is self-cleaning. When an operator uses seed treatments or is forced to plant in wetter soils and varying soil types, the design of the trench delivery system sheds treatment and mud for even greater productivity. With the brush bristles expanding around the pulleys, the centrifugal force will also dislodge any mud and treatment at the same time as the seed. A brush conditioner is added just before the brush returns inside the cartridge.


This serves two purposes:

  • To clean the brush of any stubborn treatments that may still be attached.
  • It conditions the belt after the seeds were lodged there and prevents bristles sticking together.
  • Brush proximity helps clean sensor

    John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter Brush proximity helps clean sensor


Another advantage over a seed tube is that the brush also acts as a cleaner to the John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter Exact Rate seed sensor. With a seed tube, a producer occasionally needs to clean the sensors to reach proper documentation of production. Now that task can be removed, creating uptime.

  • BrushBelt removed from trench-delivery system

    John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt removed from trench-delivery system


The John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt requires no maintenance and has a wear life designed to match the wear life of the other wear components. Since operations vary, as do soils and field content, it is recommended to replace the John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter BrushBelt at the same time as the double-disk openers.


Changing the belt is easy. One latch removes the meter over the trench delivery system. Grab the cartridge by the grip and pull toward the body, releasing it from the electric motor fitting. Lift the trench delivery system up and remove the John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter sensor wiring harness to completely pull the cartridge out of the row-unit.


There are two plastic covers that snap off to cover the belt; remove the covers and then twist the circular spring-tensioner dial with the yellow arrow on it to release the tension on the springs.  Once tension has been removed, pull the belt out. It is also recommended to change the stainless-steel wear strip at this time as well, which also slides right out of place without the use of tools.


NOTE: It is recommended to use a talc/graphite mixture with John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planter. Best results have been 80 percent talc and 20 percent graphite. For certain regions and territories talc and talc/graphite mixes are restricted from use, in this case use fluency agent provided by Bayer CropScience.

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