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John Deere Planter


Next generation planting has arrived

Accuracy paired with speed, like you’ve never seen before. That’s the ExactEmerge experience. 10mph planting that offers accurate singulation, population, spacing, and uniform depth so you can maximize your productivity and yield potential. Designed for corn and soybean varieties of all shapes and sizes, ExactEmerge is the row unit to push your profit margins exactly where you want them.

John Deere ExactEmerge Features                              

Industry-exclusive bowl-shaped disks offered with JOHN DEERE EXACTEMERGE™ PLANTER 

The redesigned vacuum meter was built for high-performance planting, allowing you to plant the hybrid that's precisely singulated and bests suits your field conditions. That means a variety of kernel sizes and shapes, and no mechanical adjustments to worry about. Plus, our improved meter offers a new brush-style doubles eliminator that ensures only one seed reaches the brush belt to give you world-class singulation.

JOHN DEERE EXACTEMERGE™ PLANTER ExactEmerge™ planter brush-style double eliminator and rumble strip increase uptime ...

Our high performance meter lets you use a variety of seed shapes and sizes. No need for mechanical adjustments while changing between kernel sizes. Use whichever seed you prefer without any hesitation or sacrificing of your hybrid selection. Plus, the vacuum meter maintains a target population even over terrain with slopes up to 15°.

JOHN DEERE EXACTEMERGE™ PLANTER Knockout wheel assembly ensures seeds are fully released ...

Precise singulation is gained as the bristles of this redesigned doubles eliminator sweep extra seeds away, limiting one seed to a hole before the seed can reach the brush belt. This upgraded feature needs no fine-tuning for added convenience and handles higher planting speeds.

Increase productivity with JOHN DEERE EXACTEMERGE™ PLANTER trench delivery system and BrushBelt™ delivery system ...

Provides every vital bit of information for each seed that travels through the brush belt delivery system: population, seed spacing, seed singulation; it’s all gathered here and then delivered to the new SeedStar™ XP monitoring system.


Dual 56-V electric motors provide ExactEmerge™ row-units the upper hand ......

The ExactEmerge electric drive system is powered by two brushless maintenance-free motors on each row unit that work independently to control the meter and the brush belt – with no synchronization required. Compared to standard brush motors that generate friction and heat build up, our motors run more efficiently and provide longer life. The motors operate off of ground speed to provide accurate target population and speed matching seed delivery.

JOHN DEERE EXACTEMERGE™ PLANTER Active pneumatic downforce ...

Faster planting speeds mean more shock load and stress. So we strengthened the row unit shank to withstand additional force and impact without fracturing, regardless of planting conditions. And an enhanced gauge wheel arm provides greater wear life.



SeedStar™ XP monitoring system...

Maximizing your yield potential starts with planting season, when you’re putting the seed in the ground. With Seed Star Mobile, row by row map layers provide a higher level of planting confidence for the operator. With Wireless Data Transfer and MyJohnDeere, you can view data from anywhere.

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