Improve harvest operation in the cab with John Deere Harvest Mobile
John Deere Combine

NOTE: John Deere Harvest Mobile is in Limited Production. It is expected to be released later this year. It is strongly recommended that dealers take the Harvest Mobile Essentials class available from John Deere University.
Harvest operation improvement in the cab — machine optimization to ensure optimal combine performance, data collection and transfer to make timely decisions, and easy-to-use interface making the operator more confident in the cab. Novice operators can run the combine more efficiently by using Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) to make setting adjustments when needed to increase productivity.
Additionally, ICA can reduce the risk of docking fees via clean grain optimization and capture more grain in the tank through grain loss optimization. Whether the operator is in the seat of the combine or stationed remotely, harvest data is available for what is happening in the field with near real-time syncing to MyJohnDeere in the near future, reducing the need for transfer via USBs and data cards, saving time and money.
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