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John Deere has solutions available in Operations Center

John Deere Farmsight

Operations Center can make producers’ lives more productive with new solutions


Starting in March 2015, John Deere has solutions available in Operations Center to help producers make their lives easier and more productive. Growers who create lists or write notes to perform various tasks in the field, on paper, in meetings, or communicate lists via phone calls will now have tools to help with planning. These toools will help growers who are worried about creating partners and are not sure what to share and with whom using Operations Center.

Two new features are available to growers, and a few enhancements have been made to existing tools in Operations Center.

New features
  1. Jobs panel and MyJobs app – learn how to help managers improve job quality and accuracy with the new Jobs Panel in the Operations Center. Use Add a Job tool to assign and prioritize jobs for the operator. Use the MyJobs App on any mobile device and view the added jobs with any notes to get the job done as planned. Create job specifications, define sequence of execution, and communicate to operators quickly, easily and precisely.
  2. Set-up builder – to get the job going when in the field, be prepared early on with the setup file for a display. Create the setup file in the Operations Center for the in-cab GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display or make edits to the file on the go for changing situations from wherever the Internet can be accessed.
New Operations Center enhancements
  1. Field detection – agronomic information documented with the wrong client, farm, or field name will be automatically corrected based on the user’s boundaries in the Operations Center.
  2. Sharing permissions – increase sharing options by creating customized permissions to enable machine and field-by-field data sharing data with any trusted adviser.
Job Panel and MyJobs app
Managers communicate their plans to operators in the field via phone calls, morning meetings, or lists on note pads. Those time-consuming methods can lead to miscommunication and costly errors or delays. For example, if an operator mistakes a seven for a one when it comes to a machine setting or plants the wrong population for a specific variety and field, there can be significant impacts to yield and profitability. Phone calls can now be replaced with the Jobs Panel, various Jobs tool in the Operations Center, and the MyJobs app on a mobile device. A job is simply a complete list of all tasks with all the necessary instructions to execute the job accurately—right product, right field, right time, and right settings.

From the Operations Center in the Job Panel, managers will have the ability to create, prioritize, edit, delete, and complete jobs. The MyJobs app will be used by the machine operator where the instructions from the manager are received as entered in Operation Center. The MyJobs app helps the operator enter the information in the display exactly as it was planned by the manager. Back in the Operations Center, the manager can track the progress of completion of the jobs being performed in fields and make adjustments to the job.

Jobs Panel in Operations Center will enable the user to add a job:
  • Add a Job tool can be found by clicking on icon + under the Job Panel
  • When adding a new job, the following attributes can be included: specific farm task, crop, and field. User can assign machines and add details like hybrids and rates, chemicals and rates, and specific instructions in the notes section
  • Give clarification on what prescription and guidance line files to use for the job
  • Allow dealers (or other partners) to enter additional machine settings details to the notes for better execution and machine performance
Screenshot showing Job Panel and Add a Job icon in Operations Center
Add a Job form in Operations Center under Jobs Panel
Once the job details are entered in the Operations Center, the information will be reflected on the MyJobs app:
  • The MyJobs app will enable the operator to get the job information on a mobile device after a manager has completed creation of jobs in Operations Center. The operator will select the information received and enter required information on the in-cab display.
MyJobs App view on tablet with jobs markers on the map
MyJobs App showing the job information as entered by the farm manager in Operations Center
Phone view of MyJobs app
As the operator works the field, the Jobs Panel in Operations Center helps a manager to do the following:
  • Back in Operations Center, the manager can remotely track the progress of the job. A manager can view the job progress on the map as well as see a completed summary in the Jobs Panel in the Operations Center every time the operator updates the status in the MyJobs app.
  • Once the job has been started in the MyJobs app by the operator in the field, the manager will see an updated job status icon within the Operations Center, along with a time stamp of when this status was changed.
  • Once the job is done and clicked as completed in the MyJobs app by the operator, the manager will see the updated job status icon in the Operations Center, along with a time stamp.
Manager sees updated job status icon in Operations Center with details
Manager sees job completed marker in Operations Center
Value of Jobs Panel and MyJobs app to the manager:
  • Plan tasks for the operators from anywhere
  • Allow partners and third-party service providers to plan jobs for the manager
  • Track productivity of all the tasks assigned to one Job from anywhere
  • Help operator understand what to enter in the display and ensure improved quality documentation
  • Eliminate paper lists, notes, and reduce phone calls to provide task information or clarifications
  • Give operator directions to the job location
  • Provide additional notes to the operator for clarity

Value of MyJobs app to the operator in field:
  • Receive accurate tasks lists with detailed notes
  • Improve efficiency when they have the right information at right time and manage daily workflow
  • Easy user interface on their mobile device

  1. Add a Job tool in Operations Center currently can create jobs only for planting operation.
  2. For Android™ device users, find the MyJobs app in the Google Play™ store. For iOS™ device users, find the MyJobs app under the John Deere app center in iTunes® system for free. Another new feature is called Setup Builder. It will help growers to have setup files ready in Operations Center and sent to their displays using Wireless Data Transfer.
Setup Builder: Setup Builder will be available starting March 2015 in Operations Center for growers who would like to have set-up data ready and sent to the GreenStar 3 2630 Display in cab via Wireless Data Transfer (WDT).
Setup Builder in Operations Center
Managers can now access the right display setup with correct field boundaries, products, and accurate guidance lines. They can be prepared early in the season or adapt to changing situations on the go and send those changes directly to the operator in the cab.

With Setup Builder, managers can modify existing or create new setup files for the display from anywhere they have an Internet connection. With the release of the Setup Builder tool, growers will have access to a new product panel within the Operations Center. This panel will allow growers to add new products, as well as edit existing products in the list.

They can export these files directly to the machine via WDT on JDLink™ Connect system.
Showing Add a Product with the new Setup Builder tool
When the setup file is created it can be sent directly to the display using Wireless Data Transfer
Value: Setup Builder reduces costly operator errors when setting up a particular machine for a particular operation. Uptime is maintained as operators are not manually entering information or waiting for someone to bring them the set-up files when sent wirelessly.

Growers who have non-John Deere displays can send the documentation data over to Operations Center and take advantage of all the features it has to offer.

Field detection:

Field detection helps operators who enter the wrong client, farm, or field name in the display. New features help with getting the right information recorded under the right field.

Enhancements have been made to the existing field detection tool in the Operations Center under Organization Preferences. Field detection will automatically dissect the data points and associate them to the right field. All that is required for this feature is a boundary, which can come from the GreenStar 3 2630 Display or Apex™ software backup.

Documentation errors are eliminated without user interaction. This provides managers with the accurate information needed to analyze performance and make sound decisions for the crop season to come.
Field Detection tool located in Organization Preference turned ON
Sharing permissions enhancements:

Data sharing determines who sees the data, how permissions are customized, and whether trusted advisers have access to data.

To provide a customizable and targeted data sharing environment in the Operations Center, the options for data sharing between partners has been increased:
  • Enhanced permissions sharing between all types of organizations to allow agronomic data sharing by specific fields. The users can share just the information they want to with their partners.

    Value: improved control of data flow in user’s hand to decide what to share with partners.

    NOTE: Once specific fields are shared, access to doc files on the My Files page is restricted since documentation from multiple fields can be included in a single doc file. To automatically share all doc files, all fields must be shared.

  • All partnerships will now have the ability to share jobs, machines, view location history, Remote Display Access and grant the ability to send files to machine (via WDT), which were traditionally permissions only available for John Deere dealerships.

    Value: improved grower-to-ag service provider partnerships, as growers can get files sent directly to their machines and get help with accurate setup of jobs and prescriptions on a display.
  • Enhanced partner setup flow to help the user understand what is being shared between partner organizations while they are selecting their options. This flow will continue to be enhanced as new site functionality and future permissions are added.

    Value: easier partner setup and simpler to understand what is being shared with partners.

Access these new permissions in the Organization page by clicking the Partners tab and then clicking on an existing partner or by adding a new partner.
Dealer-facing sharing changes: Dealers will notice that their current sharing permissions in the partner setup flow will be recategorized to match the new flow for producers. View Location History and the jobs-related permissions have been added as new options in the work collaborator category. For existing partnerships that have agronomic data shared, the Location History permission will automatically be checked, but the jobs permissions will not.
Login to Operations Center to start using these tools and talk to customers to show them how operations can be more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

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