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Enhance operator's in-cab planting experience with SeedStar™ Mobile
John Deere Planter

Enhance operator’s in-cab planting experience with SeedStar™ Mobile


Operators can plant with confidence by visualizing the quality of the planting job with SeedStar Mobile on their own iPad Air® 2. SeedStar Mobile, along with ExactEmerge™ or select John Deere planters, gives the operator planter performance information about the most critical farming operation – Planting. SeedStar Mobile helps to successfully plant crops with the highest level of precision. The high-definition maps help the operator quickly identify any issues that can negatively impact the yield potential. SeedStar Mobile integrates easily with current John Deere technology making it even easier to gain benefits immediately. SeedStar Mobile is compatible with select John Deere planters equipped with SeedStar XP or SeedStar 3 HP. SeedStar Mobile is not compatible with SeedStar 2 or earlier versions of SeedStar planter software.
  • Model year 2015 planters with SeedStar 3 HP:
    • 1775NT
    • 1795
    • DB (except DB120)
    • ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge 5 row units
  • Model year 2012 to model year 2014 planters:
    • 1770NT
    • 1790
  • Model year 2013 to model year 2015 planters
    • DB (except DB120)
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