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Generation 4 CommandCenter™ 2015-1 software update now available

John Deere Farmsight

Generation 4 CommandCenter™ 2015-1 software update now available


With the release of Generation 4 CommandCenter software update 2015-1, all current R-Series Tractors equipped with Generation 4 CommandCenter can update software at the link provided below.

Generation 4 CommandCenter is equipped in the following models:
  • Model year 2014 and newer 7R and 8R/8RT Series Tractors
  • Model year 2015 and newer 6R and 9R/9RT Series Tractors
NOTE: This announcement serves as an abbreviated version of the full release information. Release notes and the software update is available at:

CommandCenter AutoTrac™ assisted steering system enhancements

Circle track — Concentric circle guidance is now available for customers wanting to use CommandCenter AutoTrac in pivot applications. Circle track will be made available with the purchase of Generation 4 CommandCenter AutoTrac activation, or if currently equipped on the display will be added functionality with the 15-1 software update. Functionality such as Drive Circle and Lat/Lon methods are available to create circle tracks.
New features include:

Circle track edge — Circle track edge allows for edge of field to be set when creating or editing a circle track. Setting the fixed location at the edge of the field where the circle will generate from allows producers to easily work inward and more productively in some applications.


Set current location — This feature provides a way to set the center of the circle track automatically based off of current location of the receiver enabling customers to be more productive by not manually entering this information.

Showing drive circle — The path driven by the machine is shown on the map when creating a circle. Seeing the drive circle on the map provides better visibility of the current task.

Guidance track list — A track preview map has been added to the guidance track list and to the track set pages. This allows for better productivity when viewing selected tracks, as they have been drawn in the field, up to 3 miles away from current location.

Location-based line sorting — This feature automatically sorts the guidance tracks by nearest to current GPS location and will be the default sort method on the display. Producers can more easily view guidance lines that they are most likely going to use based on geographical location, providing more uptime.

AB curve line extension on/off — A setting within the guidance application allows for turning on or off the 90-m (300-ft) line extensions added to the beginning and end of new AB curves. This setting will not affect previously created AB curves. This setting allows curves that may have previously failed to generate the additional passes to generate successfully by avoiding intersection of the line extensions.
Additional Generation 4 CommandCenter enhancements:

Location module — This module is now available on the Default Guidance run page. Setting the location on this module will automatically filter the guidance track list to the field displayed on the module and sets the field for new track creation if guidance lines are associated with a field.

Run page import and export — Importing and exporting run pages is now available within File Manager. Customers wanting to create a set of run pages on one tractor and quickly duplicate them on an entire fleet now have that option, lowering cost of operation in initial tractor and display setup. The run pages can only be transferred between screens of the same size, 4100 CommandCenter to 4100 CommandCenter and 4600 CommandCenter to 4600 CommandCenter.

Factory data reset — File Manager application settings contains the ability to remove all user data and restore to factory settings so all customer settings and data can be removed prior to dealer trade or change in ownership. It will not reset activations, language, or regional settings.

Virtual terminal run page modules — Vertical, quarter, half, and full modules (without softkeys) virtual terminal screens are now available in Layout Manager so that implement controls can be accessed through the run page in addition to the ISOBUS VT button on the shortcut bar. By loading virtual terminal functions to the run page, customers have the ability to manage those functions among other tractor or guidance functions, based on the run page size selection; all together from one page, increasing productivity in field operations.

Fields application — Fields application has been modified to allow for the current location to be set, in addition to the management of clients, farms, and fields. When a field is selected using Set Current Location, it will filter within the guidance track list, update the location module, and populate this in field when a new guidance track is created. This feature streamlines similar activates throughout the display in one place, as well as allowing multiple locations to set the current location.

NOTE: This announcement is intended for sales professionals and provides information to help during the sales process. See release notes for complete list of all changes offered in SU15-1 and detailed technical information.
Effective Date : 02-Mar-2015
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