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Benefit from the premium telematics experience with the new JDLink™ Connect

John Deere Farmsight

Benefit from the premium telematics experience with the new JDLink™ Connect


JDLink Connect allows managers and operators to move data to the MyJohnDeere Operations Center. This single subscription enables:
  • Remote Display Access (RDA) on the GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 Display and Generation 4 CommandCenter™
  • Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) of documentation data from the GS3 2630 Display
JDLink Connect will also capture machine data that can used in the Operations Center, JDLink website, or JDLink Mobile app.

JDLink Connect provides the premium telematics experience for those who desire to take their operations to the next level of productivity, efficiency, and security. JDLink enables the sharing of information that drives operational decisions. JDLink Connect allows you to: Dealer requirements
  • IS Phase 3 dealers, or greater, are eligible to order JDLink Connect.
  • JDLink Connect has specific NMQ requirements.
Please talk with a field manager for additional information.

JDLink Connect replaces JDLink Ultimate and JDLink Select subscriptions.

  • Effective 2 February 2015, the following base codes will be available to order through the AMS Price Pages:
    • 021FPC JDLink - modular telematics gateway (MTG) 3G - field installation
    • 021GPC JDLink - MTG 3G and satellite modem
  • Effective 2 February 2015, the following base codes will no longer be available to order:
    • 021BPC JDLink - MTG 3G - field installation
    • 021DPC JDLink - MTG 3G and satellite modem
  • Machines with factory installed JDLink subscription options will change to JDLink Connect in base equipment on machines ordered on or after 2 February 2015.
    NOTE: There is an exception – All 6R Series will continue to have the JDLink Ultimate + Remote Display Access (RDA) option codes on a temporary basis. Order fulfillment will contact dealers to update 6R orders, placed on or after 2 February 2015, with the equivalent JDLink Connect subscription. Outgoing 6R Interim Tier 4 (iT4) models will not get JDLink Connect factory-installed.
  • Factory-installed option codes for JDLink Connect will be available for model year 2016 machines in Region 4.
  • Updated JDLink Connect information will be available in the Ag Management Solutions (AMS) Sales Manual. Each platform sales manual will update when the option codes transition to JDLink Connect.
  • NMQ for JDLink Connect is mandated for the machine connectivity factory-installed options. Non-NMQ qualified dealers will be able to order machines less the subscription. Machines will ship the MTG and Ethernet switch and cables if required.
JDLink Connect and temporary subscriptions
  • Each factory-installed JDLink Connect subscription includes a separate JDLink Ultimate plus RDA temporary subscription (license). The temporary subscription allows the dealer to demonstrate RDA and complete machine setup while the terminal is in the dealer account.
  • The temporary subscription is available for the first 50 engine hours or until the terminal is transferred to a MyJohnDeere Customer Organization, whichever occurs first.
  • Full capabilities of JDLink Connect will be enabled when the terminal with an active subscription is transferred to MyJohnDeere Customer Organization. This includes RDA and WDT.
Activating JDLink Connect subscriptions
  • The JDLink Connect subscription will automatically start for terminals that are transferred prior to the expiration of the JDLink Ultimate + RDA temporary subscription (less than 50 engine hours).
  • Dealers will need to visit StellarSupport to manually activate JDLink Connect terminals transferred to a MyJohnDeere Customer Organization after the expiration of the JDLink Ultimate + RDA temporary subscription.
  • Dealers who do not meet NMQ requirements at time of ordering will use the JDLink Capable option code. This can be changed after meeting NMQ requirements until orders are frozen. After machines invoice with the JDLink Connect, less subscription, option code, JDLink Connect can be manually activated in StellarSupport once the NMQ requirements are met.
Dealer services

Please see supporting documentation around services in the dealer reference guides and Marketing Service Times (MST) available for JDLink, RDA, and WDT on Pathways. JDLink Connect MST will be updated later this month.
Effective Date : 05-Feb-2015

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