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Updates for model year 2015 Gator™ XUV 625i Utility Vehicles

John Deere Gator

Updates for model year 2015 Gator™ XUV 625i Utility Vehicles  
The model year 2015 XUV 625i has the following updates:

XUV 625i
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant in the small off-road engine (SORE) emissions class.
  • Changes to the vehicle:
    • Carbon canister
    • Speed reduction (less than 25 mph [less than 40.2 km/h])
Reasons for the speed change:

The speed dropped from 30 mph to 25 mph (48.3 km/h to 40.2 km/h) in order for John Deere to maintain the product in the lineup. The XUV 625i could not pass new emissions standards for the greater than 25 mph (greater than 40.2 km/h) off-highway recreational vehicle (OHRV) category. The XUV 625i passes the requirements for the standard covering 25 mph (40.2 km/h) and below vehicle speeds associated with SORE emissions class.
Why HPX versus XUV 625i?

Cargo box

The HPX has a 16-gauge, all-steel box versus the steel and poly deluxe box on the XUV machines. The deluxe box on the XUV machine gives customers more versatility with removable sides and tailgate for a flatbed option. From a volume standpoint, the HPX has 13.1 cu ft versus 16.4 cu ft for the XUV 625i.

Terrain capability

HPX has a semi-independent rear suspension versus the four-wheel independent suspension of the XUV 625i. The HPX has 6-in. of ground clearance compared to 11-in. for the XUV 625i.

When it comes to tire options, the HPX has three tire options that are more focused on turf and less aggressive terrains. The XUV 625i has three tire options that are more focused on rough, varied terrains.

For customers who have heavy loads to carry but are less focused on rough or varied terrain capability, the HPX would fill their needs. The XUV 625i gives the customer additional ride quality and terrain capability.

Competitors’ speed ratings

The Kawasaki® Mule 610 Utility Vehicle, Kawasaki Mule 4010, Kubota® RTV400/500 Utility Vehicle, and the Kubota RTVX900 are all rated at 25 mph (40.2 km/h), therefore the speed change on the XUV 625i matches up with these competitors.

The XUV 625i fills a smaller niche in the full-size XUV category when compared to the 825i or 855D. For those customers unwilling to pay, or who do not want the added speed and power of the 825i, but still want the substantial improvements of a larger deluxe cargo box and independent suspension not available on the HPX, the XUV 625i will meet the needs.

Please see the Sales Manual for additional information on the crossover Gator utility vehicles.


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