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Improvements for 2015 EZtrak™ Z235 and Z255 add performance and value

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Improvements for 2015 EZtrak™ Z235 and Z255 add performance and value  
42-in. (107-cm) mower deck deflector
Z255 offset frame and caster-wheel position

New side-discharge deflector for the Z235 42-in. (107-cm) mower

The new deflector improves grass dispersion due to its shape, which has been optimized through extensive virtual analysis and physical testing:
  • The new design improves air flow, reduces windrowing and clumping, and maintains safety and ease of use.

Z255 frame redesigned to offset the caster wheel

The Z255 right frame rail has been redesigned - curved at the front:
  • Places the caster wheel further to the right
  • Wheel is in the best position for optimum cut quality
  • Wheel path meets with the rear-sweeping portion of the mower blade
    • Grass pushed down by caster wheel is more effectively picked up and cut
Low-fuel warning light added to Z235 and Z255
Low-fuel warning light
Low-fuel warning light illuminated
A low-fuel light has been added to the Z235 and the Z255 for operator convenience:
  • Similar to the reserve light in an automobile
  • Gives the operator approximately 20 minutes of warning before the unit runs out of fuel
  • Visible in daylight conditions
  • Reliable and consistent for customer satisfaction
The dash label now includes the universal gas pump symbol, which is always visible to the user. When the fuel is low, this symbol is back-lit in an amber color, indicating that the fuel is on reserve.
Prices can be viewed on JDMINT. Updated price pages will be available in the next Price Page publication.

Model year 2015 EZtrak Mowers will begin shipping when factory inventory of the comparable 2014 model is depleted.
Effective Date : 15-Dec-2014
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