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GoSpray mobile application now available
John Deere Sprayer

GoSpray mobile application now available  
The GoSpray application for 4 Series Sprayers gives John Deere application equipment operators and technicians the ability to optimize machines through proper set up and maintenance procedures.

This guide is intended to provide a quick-reference overview of key adjustments, maintenance, and operation of R4030, R4038, and R4045 Sprayers. GoSpray app users can also record observations and save them for future reference to ensure hours spent in the field are maximized to the fullest potential.

GoSpray is available on the Apple® App Store™ and Android™ Google Play™ systems.

GoSpray is available in the following countries and languages:
  • United States - English
  • Canada - English
  • Australia - English

Apple and Apple App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are registered trademarks of Google.

Version 1 supports the 4 Series Sprayers.

Effective Date : 12-Dec-2014
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