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All-new R-Series Front Loaders

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All-new R-Series Front Loaders  

Starting 3 November 2014, a new series of front loaders replaced the H-Series. The first loader is the 640R on the Final Tier 4 (FT4) Small-Frame 6R Tractors. The remaining mid-tractor loaders will transition later in 2015. Separate product announcements will be sent out as these machines become available.

The R-Series Loaders build upon the H-Series, bringing improved specifications, better tractor integration, and new features.

Today’s H-Series Loaders will not be compatible with the FT4 Small-Frame 6R or any future FT4 introduction. H360 and H380 Loaders will continue to be compatible with FT4 Large-Frame 6R Tractors until the new 660R and 680R Loaders become available later in 2015. Today’s H480 will remain compatible with FT4 7R and 8R Tractors. For information about how the R-Series will be introduced, please see the name and numbering section below.

New features
Automatic mast latch system
Automatic mast latch system

Automatic mast latch (AML) system - with the new AML system, trips on and off the tractor to attach and remove the loader are limited to once per operation.

To park the loader, simply rest the bucket flat on the ground, exit the tractor to fold down parking stands, disengage the latch system on both sides, disconnect hydraulics, and open one valve located on the right-hand boom cylinder of the loader. Simply back away from the loader and the process is all done.

To reattach the loader, drive the tractor into the loader and it mechanically connects the masts to the mounting frames, in turn removing pressure from the parking stands. Exit the tractor once to fold the parking stands, close the valve located on the right-hand boom cylinder, and attach the hydraulics.

Global carrier
Implement automatic latch - with the H-Series Loaders, the global carrier had to be rolled fully back in order to engage the latch-trip mechanism and secure the loader attachment (bucket, pallet fork) to the carrier. The R-Series global carrier features our new implement automatic latch, meaning the carrier will only have to rest flat to the attachment in order to lock.

Remote implement latch - updated hydraulic remote implement latch will improve reliability and durability of the electric remote latch found on H-Series Loaders. The system will not require the use of third function hydraulics; instead it will use an accumulator system that relies on dumping and curling the implement to charge the system with fluid. One dump or curl cycle will allow the carrier to be unlatched and latched multiple times.
Side-slung leveling links
Side-slung leveling links - in an effort to improve operator visibility, the leveling links have been relocated from the top of the boom to the sides of the boom. This will allow the loader to main its ability to level itself through the full range of motion, while opening up the visibility forward and to the sides of the loader.

Third function hydraulics - to provide a safe, easily accessible location for the third function hydraulic connection for grapples, the connection point has been moved to the loader carrier.

Name and numbering - to try and better help understand the name and numbering as well as better match the system used by tractors, changes have been made to the name and numbering strategy. For example, the 640R Loader:

6: Loader primarily fits on a 6 Family Tractor
4: Third largest loader (starting at 0 and moving up evenly)
0: Placeholder in case further designation is needed in the future
R: Designates that the loader is premium





Small-Frame 6R/M

Mid-Frame 6R/6M, Small-Frame 6R/6M

Large-Frame 6R/6M, Mid-Frame 6R/6M

Large-Frame 6R/6M


The 640R became available to order 3 November 2014, with the launch of the 6110R, 6120R, and 6130R Small-Frame 6R Tractors. The remaining loaders will transition in during the course of 2015. Additional details on R-Series Loader features and the transition details will be shared in February.

Effective Date : 17-Nov-2014
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