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Ag Management Solutions (AMS) GreenStar™ software update 2015-1 available February 2015

John Deere Farmsight

Ag Management Solutions (AMS) GreenStar™ software update 2015-1 available February 2015  
With the release of software update 2015-1 (SU15-1), AMS provides information about the following:
  • Updates to GreenStar 3 (GS3) 2630 Display and StarFire™ 3000 Receiver
  • Enhancements to John Deere Machine Sync
NOTE: See release notes for complete list of all changes offered in SU15-1 and detailed technical information.

GS3 2630 Display:

  • John Deere Machine Sync enhancements: coverage map/guidance line sharing – John Deere Machine Sync is being expanded to include coverage map sharing and guidance line sharing functionality in addition to its current combine harvest automation and harvest logistics features. Coverage maps and guidance lines can now be shared in any field operation using a Machine Communication Radio. Sharing coverage maps while seeding, spraying, or applying fertilizer allows any John Deere Section Control-enabled machine to trigger section control on/off based on another machine’s coverage. When used in a harvest operation, sharing coverage maps allows a machine to better calculate harvested area by using another machine’s coverage to enable overlap control based on the shared coverage. Sharing guidance lines allows a machine enabled with AutoTrac™ assisted steering system to share guidance lines with another vehicle. Guidance line sharing functionality is limited to straight tracks only.
  • GS3 2630 performance enhancements – The 15-1 software update contains performance improvements that offer up to 20 percent improved performance when using processor-intensive applications. Depending on the applications on the display, operators may notice quicker responsiveness to button presses and screen changes, meeting the need to efficiently handle high demanding applications and increase uptime.
  • AB curve shift track with radial shifts – The GS3 2630 Display now supports the ability to shift AB curves radially right or left without line overlap providing customers increased functionality and efficiency in their AB Curve operations.
  • AEF ISOBUS task control – The GS3 2630 Display with John Deere Section Control can now control third-party implements with ISO Task Control: Section Control functionality. (This compatibility is determined by the third-party implement manufacturer, and therefore cannot be guaranteed by John Deere. Contact the respective implement manufacturer for details.) This functionality is only approved for 30 Series and newer tractors.
  • Increased maximum area for shapefile prescriptions – Prescription shapefiles imported onto the 2630 can now be eight times larger than the previous capacity. The GS3 2630 can now accommodate very large prescription shapefiles for large area fields.
Effective Date : 10-Feb-2015
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